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This Japan Kanto Kansai round trip was in May 2017, traveling all the way from Kanto to Kansai, including Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka, Kyoto, Uji, and Kamakura Enoshima, for a total of 13 nights and 12 days. The first four days of the whole Kanto to Kansai itinerary were based in Shinjuku, with Hakone and Tokyo. In the middle of the trip, I took the Shinkansen to Kansai for five days, and then returned to Kanto for two days in Tokyo and one day in Kamakurae-no-Shima.

  • Day 1: Haneda Airport to Tokyo, accommodation in Shinjuku.
  • Day 2-3: Round-trip Hakone by Odakyu Shinjuku for two days and one night, Day 2 at Hakone Onsen RyokanTranquility, third day stay in Shinjuku.
  • Day 4: Sightseeing in Tokyo, visit Raimon, Ueno Park and Meiji Shrine in one day.
  • Day 5-9: Traveled by Shinkansen between Kyoto, Kansai and Shinjuku, Tokyo. These days were mainly in the Kyoto area, including a day trip to Osaka by Hankyu on Day 7 and a day trip to Uji by JR on Day 9.
  • Day 10-11: Continuation of Tokyo city tour, overnight in Kanda-ku.
  • Day 12: Take Odakyu to Kamakura Enoshima for a day trip.
  • Day 13: Depart from Haneda.

This trip was a special one, half work and half play. Because I was so busy before the trip, I didn't make any plans until I got on the plane. I only booked a hotel for the first two nights of the two-week trip, and I didn't know anything about the trip except that I was going to go to Hakone to bathe in the hot springs. Because of the lack of planning and limited time due to my work schedule, I was on the go for two weeks, changing hotels very frequently. I didn't plan to go to Kansai beforehand, and my airfare was from Haneda Airport, plus I still had to work with my workplace for part of the time, so the route ended up being a bit convoluted. Nevertheless, I still had a great time, and I did what most tourists would do, and every meal was a good one. However, if I could do it again, I would have planned my transportation tickets and routes better, so I could have saved a lot of money on transportation. I've recorded my experience in the following article.

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Hakone, city on the east coast of Japan southwest of Tōkyō

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Uji (name)

Kamakura Enoshima

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