Transportation from Tokyo to Kyoto: Shinkansen Ride Tips

Transportation from Tokyo to Kyoto: Shinkansen | Ticket and Route Information

There are many ways to get from Tokyo to Kyoto, but I think for a first time visitor to Japan, I would recommend taking the Shinkansen from Kanto to Kansai, which is how we traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto this time.

Nozomi is the fastest train to Kyoto, it takes more than two hours to reach JR Kyoto Station. Many people who come to Japan to travel Kanto + Kansai will choose different cities to enter and exit and buy theJapan Rail PassI decided to go to Kansai in the middle of my trip, and I wasn't sure about the return date, so I decided to buy a Tokyo Metro Pass and buy a Shinkansen Nozomi Limited Express ticket to Kyoto.

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I went to Tokyo Station early in the morning to catch a train, and it was very crowded. It is highly recommended to buy a lunchbox at the station before boarding the train and bring it on board for breakfast. The Shinkansen train was clean, and with food and mobile internet, the whole trip was comfortable and not boring. In the middle of the trip, you can see Mt. Fuji from a very good angle, and riding the Shinkansen is a very interesting travel experience in itself.

I ate a rice ball that I bought at a Tokyo train station while riding the train. It's probably a common thing for Japanese office workers, but I thought it was delicious.

I bought a nice train lunchbox at the station for those who are not hungry at noon. With pudding and mai tea at the end of the meal, I was able to enjoy the food even on the Shinkansen.

Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station is very large, and the building itself is actually worth visiting. As Kyoto is an ancient capital, it is forbidden to have buildings over 120 meters high, so the architects designed Kyoto Station to keep the sight lines clear to minimize the sense of compression. The huge staircase in the station is called the Grand Stage, and there are light and shadow shows on the staircase at regular intervals, attracting many tourists to stop by. At night, it looks even more romantic and gorgeous.

There are a lot of good food and shopping on the underground street, so we spent the afternoon waiting for the train on the underground street of the station on our way back.

If you arrive at night, you can also visit the Kyoto Tower across the street from Kyoto Station. The Kyoto Tower is the tallest building in Kyoto and is located near Kyoto Station, so you can see it as you walk around. The observation room on top of the tower offers a 360-degree view of Kyoto.

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