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This trip to Uji was a day trip from Kyoto to Uji. The transportation from Kyoto to Uji is very simple, just take JR to Uji station, it takes only 10 minutes and the fare is 480 yen. The fare is 480 yen. You can walk all the way to Uji.

A day trip to Uji is roughly on foot: after leaving Uji Station, walk along the Omotesando Road to the Equality Institution, visit the World Heritage Site of Equality Institution and Uji Shrine, and then return to the Omotesando Road to grab a bite to eat and buy some souvenirs. The walk from Uji Station to Heikyoin is about one kilometer long, so it's pretty easy.

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If you walk fast, you can finish the route in half a day. If you have enough time, it is a good idea to take a day trip to have some tea. Uji is famous for its tea production, so there are many famous tea stores along the way. Some of the more famous ones are Dari Matcha and Ito Kyuemon, so you can try them.

Uji Scenic Spot | Omotesando Equatorium

After passing the Otorii in the photo, the entrance to the Omotesando Road of the Equalization Institute was officially opened. Uji feels like a more rural area, and walking along the Omotesando Road is much more relaxing than in other big cities.

Of course, Omotesando is still full of food and drink, and everyone had a great time shopping. When you come to Uji, you have to try the matcha-related products, and you can buy matcha ice cream outside before entering the Equalizer.

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Nakamura Fujiyoshi also has an Equalizer store here, and it looks quite beautiful. As we walk around, we will arrive at the Equalizer soon.

Uji Viewpoint | Equality Center

Equality CourtIt is listed as a World Heritage Site and is a national treasure of Japan. Heikyoin is actually a Buddhist temple with a long history, built in 1053. The main building of the temple is the Phoenix Hall. It is important to note that there is a queue to visit the interior of the Phoenix Hall, and the time will be registered at the time of ticket purchase. 50 people will be admitted in 20 minutes per staircase, so it is important to arrange the time beforehand so that the queue will not be too tight.

Built over the waters of the Aji-Pond, Hōhōdō is an ancient Japanese physical depiction of the Western world of Elysium, expressed in the form of a Japanese garden building. Originally, Ho-odo was a villa handed down from Shiratouhara Michinaga in the Heian period 1,000 years ago, but later it was converted into a temple. The most distinctive feature of the building is the construction of Ikenakajima, which is "like a palace emerging from the precious pool of Elysium.

Members may think that Phoenix Hall looks very familiar. In fact, it is the Phoenix Hall printed on the $10,000 banknotes in the Japans.

During the waiting time, you can visit the garden outside the Phoenix Hall and other parts of the building. In addition to the main Phoenix Hall, other buildings in the Equality Center include the Pure Land Institute, the Luohan Hall, and the Yanglin Temple, so take advantage of the waiting time for the Phoenix Hall tour to walk around the area.

Uji Viewpoint | Ujigawa

After leaving the Equalizer, it is time to cross the Uji River via the Orange Bridge to Uji Shrine. This walk along the Uji River is very scenic and has a very peaceful atmosphere.

Uji is one of the ten chapters in the Tale of Genji, so there are various traces of the Tale of Genji in Uji, including several statues of illustrations of the Tale of Genji along the Uji River. In addition, in the Tale of Genji, the Yubari Bezo, which was passed down from the Kouji clan to their son, refers to the Phoenix Hall, and as the Tale of Genji is the first full-length novel in the history of Japan, it is clear that this place has a long history.

Uji Viewpoint | Uji Shrine

Uji Shrine is also a place with a lot of history. It is not clear when the shrine was founded or where it originated, but it is known that the main shrine is from the late Kamakura period. Uji Shrine itself is very small and can be walked around in no time.

Uji Viewpoint | Ujigami Shrine

From Uji Shrine, you can climb up to Ujigami Shrine. These two shrines were originally thought to be the same shrine, but are now recognized as two different shrines. Ujigami Shrine's main shrine was built in the Heian Period and is the oldest surviving shrine in Japan, making it of particular historical value. The Kirihara Spring inside the shrine is the only one of the seven famous springs in Uji that belongs to an ancient legend.

Uji Gourmet | Shinto Soba NAGAGO

  • Recommendation Index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
  • Price: $$

We came to NAGAGO at lunchtime, and there was still a big line at noon on a weekday, but the interior was family-oriented. As soon as we sat down, we were told that the famous Matcha Soba was sold out, so we chose the Yam Soba and the Original Soba from the menu. When the noodles were served, they came with Chinese instructions on how to mix the sauce. The soba had a nice texture and the sauce was very flavorful.  

Uji Gourmet | Nakamura Fujiyoshi Main Store

  • Recommendation: ? (Refreshments: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)
  • Price: $$

Walking from Uji station to Heikin-dori for 5 minutes, you will see the famous store Nakamura Fujiyoshi. Originally, we planned to return to Uji Station atNakamura FujiyoshiI had afternoon tea, but I didn't realize that it was so crowded that I had to wait for two and a half hours. I had to give up for the rest of my trip, and bought Uji's exclusive matcha confectionery from Fujiyoshi Nakamura's store to eat on the way back to Kyoto. The cups of matcha jelly with red beans are sold exclusively at Uji's store, and even though you can only get a small cup for takeout, they are really delicious.

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