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Asakusa Temple | Introduction

Asakusa Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo, was founded in 628 A.D. It is dedicated to Saint Kannon and is the head temple of the Saint Kannon Sect. It is the head temple of the Sacred Kannon Sect. Asakusa Temple is one of the most important tourist attractions in Tokyo, and it is always crowded with visitors. What are the key points of a visit to Asakusa Temple? Here are some of the highlights of a visit to Asakusa Temple.

Asakusa Temple | Highlights

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The Thunder Gate at the entrance to Omotesando in Asakusa Temple is one of the most important landmarks in Tokyo, with the statue of the god of wind on the left and the statue of the god of thunder on the right, and was originally officially called the Wind and Thunder Gate, or Thunder Gate as it is commonly known. It was originally officially called Kaze-Raijinmon, commonly known as Raimon. It was built in the form of a kirisuma-zukuri octagonal gate, which refers to the style of the roof of this type of house. The gate was destroyed by fire in 1865, and was rebuilt in 1960 at the expense of Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric, with a large lantern weighing 700 kilograms, which was a gift from Konosuke Matsushita as a wish for his recovery from illness, and which bears the word "Thunder Gate" on it.

Asakusa Temple, Raimon, Nakamise-dori 1

Asakusa Temple Omotesando | Nakamise-dori | Bunka-dori

Nakamise Shopping Street, also known as Nakamise-dori, was developed in the Edo period and has a history of 300 years. Nakamise-dori is actually part of the Omotesando Road of Asakusa Temple, and since Japanese people like to wear kimono to worship, you can always see people wearing kimono as you walk along Nakamise-dori. On both sides of the street, there are stores selling souvenirs and many famous snack stores. Don't forget to try the old favorites!Kazuya BoatWako, and AsakusaKimura Family Human Kake.

The Court Pass was transferred from the Nakamiseki Pass, which was mostly a store selling clothing and handicrafts.

Asakusa Temple, Raimon, Nakamise-dori 8

Treasure Gate

After walking through the shopping street, you will arrive at Asakusa Temple's Treasure Gate. Treasure Gate is a two-story gate, meaning that it has two floors, one above the other and one below the other. There are statues of Nino on both sides of the gate, which is why it used to be called Nino Gate, but now it is called Treasure Gate because of the collection of cultural properties on the upper floors of the temple.

Kwun Yum Tong | Five Storied Pagoda

When you enter the Treasure Gate, you will see the main hall where Kuan Yin is enshrined, also known as Kuan Yin Tang. The main hall was burned down during World War II, so the present one is the result of reconstruction. Inside the main hall is a six-meter-high palace. Next to the main hall is a five-storied pagoda, the top floor of which contains relics from Sri Lanka.

the Two Heavenly Gates (Tw)

The Nitenmon Gate, located on the east side of the main hall, is the only building that was not damaged by World War II. The gate was originally built as an annex to the Toshogu Shrine for Tokugawa Ieyasu, but now the Shrine has burned down.

Asakusa Temple, Raimon, Nakamise-dori 15

Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa Shrine enshrines the three persons who created Asakusa Temple in Kusatsu, but due to the separation of the Shinto and Buddhist deities after the Meiji period, the shrine is now managed by a different organization.

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