Top Hakone Stay: Discover Serenity at Seikanso Inn

Seikanso | Introduction

This time, our stay in Hakone at Seikansou, a wonderful hot spring inn, is worth a special record. Since the plan for this trip to Japan was to enjoy hot springs, after much searching, we found this inn offering a one-night stay with two meals for about six hundred US dollars, and we were very much looking forward to it even before the trip began. It did not disappoint us; from the room, to the service, to the food, everything was highly commendable. Later, because Seikansou was so comfortable, we couldn’t bear to leave in the morning and ended up soaking in the hot spring and relaxing in our room until nearly noon before we left. We decided then that if we have the chance, we would definitely try such a hot spring lodging experience again.

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Saikanso | The Stay

This is the entrance. We walked from Yumoto Station, and with quite a bit of uphill walking, it took us about 20 minutes. Climbing up was actually a bit tiring. Later, we found out that we could have taken a bus to the "Dai-no-Chaya" station, so it's actually very convenient.

The room was quite spacious, a very standard Japanese-style room. The facilities weren't the most modern, but they had a great atmosphere and were very comfortable.

Shizukanso,Shizukanso Hakone,Hakone Onsen Ryokan,Hakone Accommodation 1

What I was most satisfied with, of course, was the ability to take a hot spring bath in the room, facing the mountains with sufficient privacy, and feeling relaxed in nature. The view from the balcony was also quite nice.

Seikanso | Meals

Right after checking in, the welcome tea and snacks were immediately brought in, consisting of matcha and yokan (a type of thick, jellied dessert made of red bean paste, agar, and sugar). From the snacks onwards, everything was delicious.

Shizukanso,Shizukanso Hakone,Hakone Onsen Ryokan,Hakone Accommodation 4

Dinner | Kaiseki Meal

After resting for a while, we began with dinner. Dinner was a kaiseki meal, a meticulously prepared cuisine that is a selling point of Seikan-so, and also the reason we chose it, with high expectations from the start. The characteristic of kaiseki cuisine is its refinement; each dish appears small in portion, with every detail requiring careful attention. The skill involved is evident not just in the presentation but also in the taste. The menu was, of course, in Japanese, and although our Japanese wasn't good enough to understand it, each dish was explained to us in English as much as possible when served. What surprised me was a very delicately prepared Western-style gratin. Initially, I was a bit surprised to see a Western dish, but after eating it, I found that the combination of Japanese and Western styles was quite fitting towards the end.

The main dish was sakura shrimp rice. It was truly delicious, and even I, who usually don't like pickles, finished everything.


The breakfast the next day was still quite lavish. With the morning appetite in mind, each dish was slightly smaller, but the taste was in no way compromised. The presentation, utensils, and flavors were all exquisite.

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