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Los Olivos | Introduction

Los Olivos is a small town near Santa Barbara, California. Located in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley wine country, Los Olivos is known for its quality and affordable tasting rooms, rustic atmosphere, and artistic vibe, making it a great weekend getaway near Southern California. You can come here for a half day of relaxation, or as one of the stops on a Santa Ynez Valley tour.Santa BarbaraStay the night, and the neighborhoodLompoc,San Luis Obispo,SolvangThe trip will be organized into one or two days.

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Los Olivos town center is at the intersection of Grand Ave and Alamo Pintado Ave, two blocks filled with wine tasting rooms and stores. If you just want to stroll around, half an hour is enough. But even though the town is small, the streetscape is very cute. It's not as commercialized as Solvang, it's quieter and more laid back. We walked to the intersection in the center of the town. It was America's 4th of July, so the town took the initiative to paint the crosswalks around the town in the colors of the national flag, which was quite a nice touch!

Attractions | Los Olivos General Store

The most popular place in town is actually this one at the crossroads.Los Olivos General StoreIt is a historical grocery store. That's right, it's actually a historical looking grocery store. The former was an old garage, and the store sells many interesting local products, such as honey, soap, etc. Of course, there are also local specialties such as olive oil and wine. In fact, the name of the town, Los Olivos, is the Spanish word for "The Olive", which means olive, so olive oil is more famous than wine. The old gas station outside is a favorite spot to take photos.

Events | Wine Tasting

What do you do when you want to stay longer at Los Olivos? Wine tasting, of course. There are dozens of wine tasting rooms within two blocks, and many people come here for an afternoon of wine tasting. Wine tasting here is relatively inexpensive, unlike Napa, where people think wine tasting is for the rich.

Recommended Coffee Shops | Lefty's Coffee Co.

If you don't want to drink alcohol, you can still have a cup of coffee at Lefty's Coffee Co. I really like this coffee shop, it's a very heartfelt local coffee shop that specializes in organic coffee beans, and the décor is quite artistic. I especially like the seating in the courtyard at the back of the store, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of wine tasting even without tasting wine.

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