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San Luis Obispo | Introduction

San Luis Obispo, often referred to as SLO, wasCentral CaliforniaA small town on the coast. It's not a big town, but it's not a small town. It is located on Highway 1, between San Francisco and LA, near the ocean and the mountains.Morro bayPismo Beach and Pismo Beach are two kilometers away.Hearst Castle,SolvangIt's not too far away, so for those traveling light on weekends orCalifornia CA-1 Coastal Self-DriveIt's a great location for anyone looking for a repeater.

If you're traveling along the California coast, stop by San Luis Obispo for a meal and a relaxing walk around town. When you drive to San Luis Obispo, although there are not many attractions in this small town, the streets are still quaint and colorful. Take a relaxing walk around the downtown area, there are some small stores and restaurants to browse or stop by. If the time is right, you can also stay overnight and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the town.

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San Luis Obispo | Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa | Old Mission Church

Mission San Luis Obispo is located in the center of the town and was built in 1772. The Spanish style church is quite beautiful, with a small museum and a nice garden outside. I loved the outdoor space and I walked around for an hour without realizing it.

San Luis Obispo | Bubblegum Alley

The Wall of Gum in the city center is a popular photo stop, similar to the Wall of Gum in Seattle, where two walls in an alley are covered with gum. It's hard to say why the wall is there, but it's said that some tourists come here to leave a piece of gum they've chewed.

San Luis Obispo Scenic Spot | San Luis Obispo Creek Trail

There is also a small trail in the small town, right along the San Luis Obispo Creek, where many people cross the bridge to walk after eating at the restaurant next to it, which is quite comfortable.

San Luis Obispo Gourmet | Luna Red

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  • Price: $$

If San Luis Obispo is used as a stopover, people usually come here for a meal.Luna RedThis restaurant is located in the center of town not far from Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, it has a nice atmosphere and a convenient location. We tried their famous Mixto Paella and ordered a pitcher of Tequila based Sangria, the Paella was very generous with chicken, sausage, fish and clams, the meat and seafood was much more than the rice, enough for four people, and the taste was good, it's worth recommending.

San Luis Obispo Cafe | Scout Coffee

Scout Coffee is one of the most popular cafes in town, and it gives you a very cozy feeling. I recommend the Oat milk chai latte, which is very good.

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