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Solvang | Introduction

Solvang means the land of the sun, and we often call it the Danish village, which is a very unique town. Since Danish immigrants settled in this village in the past, many Danish-style buildings have been left behind, and it is known as the "Danish capital of the United States". Coming here is like being in a fairy tale city, so it attracts a lot of tourists, and tourism is currently the main source of income here.

Solvang is right there.Santa BarbaraAbout 30 miles north, more than half an hour by car, usually people who come here stay at this stop for a few hours to half a day, walk around, may be arranged with other nearby attractions for one or two days, nearby slightly larger cities such asSanta Barbara,Lompoc,San Luis ObispoThe following are some of the places to consider staying.

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Solvang | Danish Village

Danish Village is actually a very simple attraction that doesn't require too much planning. As soon as I drove into the area of Danmark Village, I saw the windmills.

The architecture here has a very European atmosphere, because it is mainly a tourist town, the whole town is a large-scale attraction with quite an atmosphere, and it is actually quite interesting to walk around and enjoy the street scenery. The Andersen Museum and the Little Mermaid statue add to the fairy tale atmosphere.

Hamlet square in the center of town is full of tourists and there are horse-drawn carriages for sightseers. The famous Hans Christian Andersen Museum is also within walking distance.

If you want to buy souvenirs, several famous Danish bakeries are good destinations to buy some Danish milk biscuits.

There are also a lot of souvenir stores along the street, I especially like this puzzle store, which sells a lot of puzzles of California's scenic spots.

The neighborhood is actually also an area where California produces a lot of red wine, so there are some tasting rooms for wine tasting.

Old Mission Santa Ines

If you are tired of shopping in crowded places and want to have a quiet time, you can come to Solvang near the downtown area which is not far away.Old Mission Santa InesExperience the serenity of Old Mission Santa Ines, an 1804 monument and the 19th of California's 21 Spanish monasteries, which is open for tours until 5 p.m. The monastery faces the Santa Ynez River Valley and the San Rafael Mountains. The convent faces the Santa Ynez River Valley and the San Rafael Mountains and has a beautiful view of the outside.

Solvang Gourmet | Copenhagen Sausage Garden

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There are a lot of Danish restaurants in Solvang, but the best Solvang restaurant I've had so far is this Copenhagen Sausage Garden, which sells German sausages and beer. The sausages and beers come in a variety of flavors, so if you're a small group of people and you want to try something different, you can order a sampler, and each one is quite tasty, with the sausage Rod Posse being the most appealing to my palate. However, I was surprised by the Pretzel. I am not a big fan of Pretzel, but the Pretzel is really delicious.

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