German Food Tour (Part 3): Beisgasden, Lake Keim, Fussen Dining

Bess Garsden Cuisine

Bräustüberl Berchtesgaden

The little town of Bescasden is in the region ofKing's LakeNext to the lodging, we chose to have dinner at Bräustüberl Berchtesgaden. The restaurant is also a traditional German restaurant, located on the second floor, with outdoor seating. My impression of the restaurant was quite good, but the weather was not so good this time, so the atmosphere was not so good.

As we had already had a lot of German food before, we started to want to try different traditional flavors when we arrived here. For this meal, we ordered beef and pork chops in red wine.

Bess Garsden Cuisine

This pork chop was not prepared in the same way as the previous roast pork, but more like the fried pork chop we usually see. German pork is really good, no matter how you cook it, it tastes better than American pork. I'm not a big fan of pork, but in Germany, I always find pork dishes to be the best.

Beesgasden, Keim Lake, Folsom 1

Keim Lake Cuisine


Keim Lake isThe CruiseWe had more time to spend on Woman's Island. We had more time to stay on Woman's Island, so of course the glutton had to go looking for good food. This little store on the north end of Woman's Island is called Chiemseefischerei, and it sells mainly fresh fish, but also fish sandwiches and local beer. The sandwiches are 4 euros each.

Beesgasden, Keim Lake, Folsom 2
Keim Lake Cuisine

The fish sandwich itself is very simple - marinated fish on the spot, served on bread with a little mayonnaise, and it's very tasty. If it wasn't for the fact that the store was closed by the time we finished (we seemed to be the last customers), I would have gotten another one.
Beesgasden, Keim Lake, Folsom 3

Fusen Gourmet

La Perla Ristorante Pizzeria

Fusson is a member of our team at theLake Keemu, and Neuschwanstein CastleThis is the place we chose to stop between these two days, because of the location, many tourists choose to stay here, so there are many small stores and restaurants. We were unlucky on this day because the weather was really bad, it was raining heavily all night and there were very few customers, many restaurants closed early. We almost had no choice but to go to La Perla Ristorante Pizzeria.

I ordered a tomato soup, a pizza, tiramisu, and a bottle of Rose because the weather was so bad that I couldn't do anything else, and if there is a next time, I won't order it. The best thing was the pizza, but the rest of the dishes were not too bad. If you love Italian food, this is a good choice.

Fusen Gourmet

Beesgasden, Keim Lake, Fussen 4

Beesgasden, Keim Lake, Folsom 5

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