Germany Food Tour (Part 4): Munich Cuisine

Munich's top culinary attraction: the Royal Beer House

Munich has so much to offer when it comes to food. First of all, we can't leave out theRoyal BreweryThe Royal Beer House is a must-see restaurant in Munich. The Royal Beer House, which I introduced in my Munich travelogue, is not only a famous restaurant but also a must-see attraction, so it is always crowded. The huge interior is filled with tourists and local diners.

At the Royal Beer House, the minimum amount of beer you can order is 1 liter, which is a little too much for a small drinker, but it's a must, and it's really superb.

Munich Gourmet 1

Although it's a sightseeing spot, the food is superb and it's definitely worth coming here for a meal. We were already tired of German food when we arrived in Munich, but it was still amazing.

It's roast pork, crispy skin, just the right amount of seasoning, and served with the simplest of potato sides, I think it's even better than pig's feet, and it was one of my favorite meals in Germany.

Munich Gourmet 2

We asked for a small portion of roasted pig's feet because we had too much to eat. As you can see from the photo, the pig's feet are really small, like a big chicken leg, but the taste is as good as a big pig's feet.

Gastronomy in Munich
The Royal Beer House is so famous that there is even a branch in Munich airport. On our way back to Munich, we ordered a Royal Beer House beer with Pretzel at the airport. If you have the chance, you must come back to Munich again.

Schneider Weiss beer house

There is another famous beer house in Munich called Schneider Weiss beer house, we came here because we wanted to compare the Royal Beer House and this one. The atmosphere of the two beer houses is not quite the same, the Royal Beer House feels more elegant, but the Schneider atmosphere is super happy, there is always music, and the long table will sit down at any time next to the new guests, after the beer down, everyone is free to chat with the people next to them, next to us later sat a German couple, and a professor from Seattle, they are all very friendly, and the professor himself once spent time in Germany, so he can speak German, which made the atmosphere very hot. The professor himself had spent time in Germany so he spoke German and made the atmosphere very hot, so this dining experience was very special and can't be compared to the Royal Beer House. This is the beer menu, there are many kinds of beer, we came here for the famous white beer, but there are still many kinds of beer, it's hard to choose. We tried three beers in total, and the professional professor's wife introduced TAP6, which is the best beer in this place.
Munich Gourmet 4
Munich Gourmet 5

For the meal, I ordered white sausage and grilled pork rib.

Munich Food 7

The roasted pork ribs at this place had a crispy crust and a firm bone-in texture, and the side dishes in particular were seasoned slightly better than all the other side dishes I've had.

Munich Food 8

Munich Grain Market

Another culinary paradise that you can't miss in Munich is theGrain MarketThe city's night market is similar to Taiwan's night market. In addition to buying souvenirs and fresh produce from all over the world, there was also a lot of on-the-spot, inexpensive, big-bowl food, similar to the night markets in Taiwan. We went there early in the morning and ate all the way from breakfast to lunch.
This is a pork chop sandwich from a roadside butcher store, and it's probably the best pork chop sandwich I've ever had in my life. And the price is super cheap, if I remember correctly, it should only cost 3 euros for a full meal.

If you are tired, you can order a Pretzel and coffee at the roadside café. There are so many different flavors of Pretzel here, I don't know what to choose.
Munich Gourmet 10
This shop specializes in German sausages.
Munich Gourmet 11
Here comes the magic, the German pig's feet that you can eat for 5 Euros, and the portion is huge. Of course, the pork knuckle in the restaurant is still better, but if you want to save money and want to try the German flavor, you should come here.
Munich Gourmet 12

Postwirt Sauerlach

I would like to mention Postwirt Sauerlach, which is also in Munich, but it is far away from the city center, so it should be considered as a suburb of Munich. The reason why we came here is because we chose to stay in a neighboring hotel the night before we went to the King's Lake. This is a dining experience far away from the tourist area, less crowded around, sitting outside with a group of locals is very relaxing.

On this day, I ordered a white wine and a stout.

Munich Gourmet 13

For the main course, I ordered lamb chops and roast pork pot with vegetables.

Munich Gourmet 14
Munich Gourmet 15

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