Munich Attractions (Part 3): Peterskirche St. Peter's Church, Viktualienmarkt Grain Market

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church is the oldest church in the inner city of Munich, located behind Marienplatz. The church was built before Munich was founded in 1158 and has been enlarged many times over the centuries. Over the centuries, the present church was built in 1368, and in the early 17th century a 92-meter-high Renaissance spire and baroque choir stalls were added. Tickets can be purchased for the bell tower next to the church, which overlooks the city of Munich.

The interior of the church is free to visit, and once you enter, it's quite splendid. Because of the church's historical and religious significance, it's a holy place for local people to get married. When we arrived, someone was getting married, so we couldn't visit the church freely, but we did get to see a traditional German wedding, which was an interesting experience.

St. Peter's Church

Munich Grain Market

A visit to Munich's city center should not be without a visit to the grain market. Munich's earliest market was located in the Marienplatz in front of the town hall, but later King Maximilian I of Bavaria moved the market a few meters to the southeast to its current location. Nowadays, the Grain Market is an interesting place with 140 stalls selling all kinds of delicatessen food, agricultural and fishery products, flowers, beer, organic food and vegetables, and so on.

Munich Grain Market
In addition to fresh produce, there is also a wide range of snacks that are the most affordable for tourists. German sausages, pork knuckles, fish burgers, etc. can all be enjoyed here at a more affordable price than in restaurants. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can also buy specialty items such as honey and bread.

This German sausage has a huge queue of customers, so I couldn't avoid trying one.Grain Market.

St. Peter's Church, Grain Market 1

There are a lot of people standing around eating German pork feet for five dollars on the side of the road, and for five dollars, the quality is pretty good.

St. Peter's Church, Grain Market 2

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