BMW Museum in Munich: The Pride of German Industry

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BMW Museum

The last stop in Munich is the BMW Museum. As we all know that Germany's automobile industry is world renowned, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fuchs, and other familiar brands come from Germany, the BMW Museum is naturally a must-see attraction in Munich. If you are coming from the city, take the U-Bahn (U3) to Olympiazentrum station.

We rented a BMW this time and drove straight into the free parking lot of BMW World, the BMW Museum is across the street from BMW World and can be accessed via an air bridge for 12 euros. The museum is located across the street from BMW World, and you can walk over the bridge for 12 euros. The building is in the shape of an air cylinder, which looks very technological.

BMW Museum 1

The overall presentation is organized in an interesting way, more like casual browsing, but each area has its own theme, my favorite is his guide APP, there is a basic introduction to the type of car, you can also search by the number of the display, and there are videos and text and so on, a variety of different introductions, whether you want to know the history of the model, the knowledge of a special car, or the details of the parts and engineering, you can work with the APP to understand, you can follow the step by step to understand. You can browse at your own pace. In this way, even tourists who are not familiar with cars can enjoy the fun.

BMW Evergreen's 3 to 7 collections are displayed across three floors, with descriptions explaining in detail the design of each collection and the customer segments it targets.
BMW Museum 2

Here is a chronological history of the evolution of the 3 series.

In addition to the product lines, a large part of the exhibition is devoted to the history of BMW, which started out as an aviation engine company and switched to motorcycle engines after World War I when Germany was banned from making airplanes. In the museum, there is a whole wall displaying BMW locomotives of all ages.

The one pictured here is a 1937 product in the race car section.


It's a futuristic powertrain, and it looks awesome.
BMW Museum 5

This is a 1939 328 concept model.

BMW World

We walked around until the BMW Museum closed, then we left and went back to the BMW World, which is actually a BMW showroom and sales center that you can visit for free. This is the biggest car showroom I've ever seen, you can see all kinds of BMW cars here, you can take a test drive, or you can even order them directly if you like. Of course, most of the cars on display are new models, but there are also classic models. Although I didn't want to buy a car, I still went to the showroom to ride a BMW Heavy Duty.
Some classic cars can still be found in the BMW world, such as this BMW Isseta, a 1955 model, which is special because it is a small car with only one door, and the door is at the front of the body.
BMW Museum 8

The latest BMW i8 electric car.

BMW Museum 9

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