Anderson valley wine tasting day trip: Goldeneye and Toulouse wineries

Anderson Valley Wine Tasting Day

Anderson valley is one of the California wine country, located about 100 miles northwest of San Francisco, it is not as famous as Napa or Sonoma, and it is also far away from the San Francisco Bay Area, it takes about three hours to drive from the Bay Area, so there are relatively few tourists. There are many wineries in the area, so as a wine lover, I arranged a one-day wine tasting tour in Anderson Valley. We visited Goldeneye Winery and Toulouse Winery.

Goldeneye Winery

I chose to go to Anderson valley mainly because I wanted to see the real face of Goldeneye Winery. I usually go to Napa (Napa Valley Napa Valley Winery Day Trip). Compared to the commercialization of Napa, Goldeneye Winery in Anderson valley has a more casual feel. Although Goldeneye is one of the more famous wineries in the area, it's not very spacious, with outdoor seating for seven or eight tables, facing a beautiful fountain and vineyard, and is purely specialized in selling wine, not at all nosy. If you have a reservation, the waiter will put a name tag with the name of the reservation on the better position in View.
Goldeneye Winery
Goldeneye winery outdoor wine tasting seating
Goldeneye is famous for its Pinot Noir, the first white wine on the tasting list, followed by four Pinot Noirs from different regions, this is a relatively expensive winery, and every wine on the list is very good. The representative wine is called Ten degrees, although it is not listed on the wine list, but the waiter will usually come to ask if there is any wine you want to drink after the wine is served on the wine list, and if there is any wine that is opened on that day, it will be provided. This wine costs over 100 dollars, but it's really good.
The view of the winery is great, with a fountain right next to the seating area and a vineyard behind. It's summer, and it's green as far as the eye can see, so I'm sure it'll be even more beautiful in the fall.
Anderson valley wine tasting Goldeneye winery view
Outdoor seating with a view
After the tasting, you can take a walk in the vineyard to sober up.



Toulouse Winery

There was still time after the Goldeneye tasting, so we found another Toulouse winery nearby. This is a small family style winery with only three tables. Because it is a small tasting room, the focus is not on the scenery, the atmosphere is more suitable for enjoying a relaxing afternoon while tasting wine.The grapes around Anderson valley are mainly Pinot, so the wine list here is no exception, basically all are Pinot series, but the red wine is only the last two, the first one is Rose, and the two in the middle are white wines. The price of the wines here is quite affordable, and after a round of tasting, I found the first few wines to be quite refreshing. The tasting fee is also very cheap, only 5 dollars, and you can get a credit when you buy a bottle of wine.

Toulouse Winery
Toulouse Seats


Toulouse tasting
Toulouse tasting menu

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