Northern California Weekend 2 Days 1 Night Mini Trip Itinerary: Mendocino County

Mendocino Weekend Two-Day, One-Night Itinerary

Mendocino is a small coastal town in Northern California, about a four-hour drive from San Francisco. Once a logging town in the 1850's, Mendocino has transformed itself into a tourist town with its natural beauty, seafood and wine, and Victorian New England architecture.

From San Francisco, this two-day, one-night trip to Mendocino County is as follows.

  • Day 1: Depart San Francisco in the morning for a wine tasting at Goldeneye Winery in the Anderson Valley, then drive north to MacKerricher State Park in the afternoon, and camp at MacKerricher that night.
  • Day 2: Enjoy the natural scenery at MacKerricher State Park in the morning, lunch at Fort Bragg at noon, and walk around Mendocino Headlands State Park and Mendocino downtown in the afternoon.

GoldenEye Wine Tasting

Anderson Valley, located in Mendocino County, is a well-known wine country in California. Since the previousCome to Anderson Valley.I've been tasting wines for a while now, and I've always missed GoldenEye's Pinot Noir, so I took the opportunity to visit the vineyards again, where the leaves were already turning yellow in the fall.

The waiter poured us a glass of Migration 2017 Sonoma coast chardonnay, then took us to our seats and went to prepare today's Pinot Noir feast, and soon five glasses of Pinot Noir were served. goldeneye's wines never disappoint. anderson valley's wines are also great. In addition to Pinot Noir, the Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Pinot Gris on the coast are also great.

This time, I also had a good seat facing the vineyard and enjoyed the nature while tasting the wine.

Afterwards, we walked around the vineyards, the leaves were yellowing and the statuesque grapes were still hanging.

MacKerricher State Park

After the wine tasting, the drive along the waterfront highway to MacKerricher State Park was just in time. The campground here is in a great location, with plenty of space and a convenient location. If you prefer a more comfortable stay, there are many good B&Bs in Mendocino that you can try.

MacKerricher State Park, located 3 miles north of Fort Bragg, is a state park worth coming to see the intertidal zone. The park is named after Duncan MacKerricher, who came here in 1865 and bought a thousand acres of farmland, and the 10-mile ocean-view trail is still used as a timber road by him.

The coastal scenery is very rich, there are sand dunes, wetlands and beaches. I really like the Coastal trail here, from the main beach, you can take the boardwalk all the way to Laguna point, the rocky shore here is very beautiful, you can also see seals and whale watching. We came here in October, it was not the peak season for whale watching, but we saw a lot of seals.

Enjoy a meal at Fort Bragg

We stopped for lunch at Fort Bragg for some local seafood, and while Mendocino has a number of elegant seafood restaurants, we had just finished camping and decided to stay close to a relaxing beachside bar. This little place is calledSea pal coveI simply ordered Fish and chips, Prawn and chips with signature Clam chowders and local beer. The seating was right by the pier, and it was relaxing to enjoy the delicious seafood in front of the ocean view.

Mendocino Headlands State Park

Mendocino Headlands State Park's spectacular rocky shores encircle the west side of the town of Mendocino. A little hiking along the coastal trail is very pleasant. The ocean is especially beautiful here, with spectacular headlands and many seals playing on the rocks. It is also a great place to watch the sunset.


The town is right next to the Mendocino Headlines state park, which is actually not that big of a town. After the logging boom of the 19th century, the town declined, and in the 1950's many artists moved to the area and it became an art town. If you have time, you may want to visit the Mendocino art center, there are still a lot of Victorian buildings in Mendocino, most of which are now converted into art stores.

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