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Yosemite Valley | Introduction

Yosemite National ParkYosemite Valley is one of the most visited places in Yosemite National Park. The famous waterfalls and rock attractions in Yosemite National Park, such as Bridalveil fall, Yosemite falls, El Capitan, etc., can be easily enjoyed in Yosemite Valley. Yosemite Valley is the easiest place to visit if you want to take a family day trip to Yosemite. Yosemite Valley is open in all seasons, and it is the area that most first time visitors will definitely come to, which makes it the most heavily traveled area in Yosemite.

There are free shuttle buses available in Yosemite valley during weekdays (seeOfficial Shuttle system map), which is a good choice for those who don't want to drive to find the location. If you are driving by yourself, it is better to plan a good route around Yosemite Valley because in order to control the traffic smoothly, the road near the busiest Yosemite village is a one-way street, so once you miss a spot, you will have to make a full circle to come back.

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Attractions | Yosemite Village

This village is the center of the Yosemite Valley, with the Yosemite Valley visitor center, museum, post office, stores and restaurants all located here. Surrounded by major attractions, you can see all the sights you need to see by following the bike path along the edge of Yosemite village, or by taking the simple and easy walking trail near Yosemite village. So if you want to arrange a relaxing day trip to Yosemite, you can focus on Yosemite village.

The main visitor center is also located here, there are exhibitions inside to learn more, there is a museum next to it that displays local Indian utensils and history, there is an Indian woman demonstrating basket weaving, and outside the museum are the ruins of the former Indian villages left behind by the Indians who lived here in the past.

Attractions | The Ahwahnee

The AhwahneeThis historic building from 1927 is well worth the trip, just five minutes from Yosemite village, and Ahwahnee's location between Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, and Glacier Point is within easy walking distance of all the attractions, and the views are fantastic. There are stores and restaurants, so if you have time, it's a great place to come and have a meal. If you have time, you can come here for a meal. If you can, you can also stay here for one night!

Recommended Trails | Lower Yosemite fall trail

Yosemite fall (Yosemite Falls) is divided into upper Yosemite fall and lower Yosemite fall, if you only go to the lower Yosemite fall, it is a 1 mile circle, it is very flat, as long as thirty minutes can be finished. The entrance is on the bike path of Yosemite village, you can see the best view of the whole waterfall once you enter, and then you can walk all the way to the lower Yosemite fall, and then you can circle back directly. From this trail, you can also choose to go up the Upper Yosemite fall trail which is more difficult.

Recommended Trails | Cook's meadow loop trail

Cook's meadow is located in the center of the whole Yosemite valley, surrounded by Yosemite fall, Half Dome, Sentinel Rock, Glacier Point, and the entrance is on the bike path, just a short walk from the lower Yosemite fall trailhead. The entrance is also on the bike path, just cross the road from the lower Yosemite fall trailhead. The length of the trail is 1 mile, and you can finish it in 30 minutes.

Recommended Trails | Bridalveil Fall Trail

Bridalveil Fall is not a long trail, it took us less than half an hour to finish it, Bridalveil Fall looks different in different seasons, and even at different times of the day due to the change of light. For example, when we first came here, there was already water in Bridalveil in spring, but it didn't look like a veil yet, it looked like a thin line. The water was falling from a great height, and when the wind blew it would change direction, and when there was a lot of water it did look like a bridal veil.

Recommended Trail | Mist Trail

Mist trail is one of the more challenging trails in Yosemite Valley. Going up the trail, you will reach Vernal fall, Neveda fall, and then John muir fall trails, and if you can still walk up the trail, you can go all the way up to the top of Half dome. Walking to Vernal fall is about 1.5 miles, the slope along the way is getting steeper and steeper, when we reach the top of Vernal fall, that is, when the mist trail is almost finished, the slope will become very steep, and it feels a little bit scary to go down, and most of the people will turn back after attacking the Vernal fall. Although most people won't finish the trail, the Mist trail is one of the must hikes for first time hikers in Yosemite National Park as you can see Yosemite's most famous alpine waterfalls and have close contact with a large amount of granite-cut mountain walls.

Recommended Trails | Mirror Lake Trail

Mirror lake is a large lake located directly under Half dome, which is usually a dry grassland and only becomes a lake in spring when the ice melts. We were lucky enough to see the surface of the lake. The surface of the lake is very calm, and the light reflected on it is just like a mirror.

Downstream from Mirror Lake is the Natural Dam, a naturally occurring dam that separates Mirror Lake from the lower pool downstream.

Yosemite Valley Classic Sightseeing Organizer

Sightseeing Spots | Sentinel bridge

Sentinel bridge is right across the parking lot from Cook's meadow loop trail, making it easy to drive or walk to the bridge. You can see Yosemite's most famous granite rock, Half Dome, and its reflection in the Merced River.

Classic viewpoint | Hanging valley viewpoint

Many viewpoints are on the way from Yosemite village to the west exit, Hanging valley viewpoint is the first viewpoint you will come across, the viewpoint is Bridalveil falls, this year Bridalveil falls trail is closed, this point from the opposite bank of Merced river is just the best place to see Bridalveil falls. Bridalveil falls trail is closed this year, this point is the best place to see Bridalveil falls from the other side of Merced river.

Classic view | Valley view

Continuing to drive west, you will pass by Valley view, which is actually very easy to miss if you drive too fast. There are no obvious road signs outside, but it is actually a classic scene of Yosemite after stopping the car.

Tunnel view | Tunnel view

Tunnel view is on Wawona road, if you are going south for example towards Glacier point, you will naturally pass by it. If you are planning to come to Yosemite valley, you will have to leave and remember to go around to see it. This point is a classic among classics, there are different lights at different times, every time I see it, it is not the same, but the same thing is very beautiful.

Classic Sights | El Capitan

El Capitan, in addition to the points and trails described earlier, has two other locations with classic images, one that you will pass in the direction of entering Yosemite Valley, and the other is the El Capitan meadow.

The above introduction is in the Yosemite valley viewpoints, in addition to the Yosemite valley, there are two other viewpoints I think if you drive to the summer must go!Glacier point, and Olmsted point.

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