Savoring San Antonio: A Food Diary of 3 Must-Visit Restaurants in Texas

San Antonio Cuisine

San Antonio is a lively and fun place, so it's no surprise that there are plenty of restaurants. During our two-day trip, we also ventured outside the city. Since we had already indulged in several meals of Texas barbecue, which we were most eager to try, in Austin (as detailed in our experiences here), we decided to focus on our itinerary in San Antonio. As for the local cuisine, we were a bit more restrained, enjoying Mexican food once and barbecue another time for our main meals, with the rest of our time spent enjoying drinks and entertainment. However, we still compiled our experiences to share with everyone.


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Rosario's, located in Southtown, is a famous Tex-Mex restaurant. From the look of the restaurant, you can tell that it's quite big and there are a lot of seats, but even though we came before dinner time, we still had to queue up for half an hour, so it's obvious that the restaurant is popular. While you're waiting, you can go to the bar and order a cocktail, and sit in the waiting area to drink and chat. The waiting area is actually big enough to open a restaurant, true to the Texan style. The drinks were all smoothies, and the atmosphere was very happy.

For dinner, we ordered Beef fajitas, Fish tacos, Shrimp tacos, and Tortilla soup. While the portions didn't seem overly large, they still managed to fill us up until the next morning. The flavors were exceptional, and after tasting the dishes, it's easy to understand why this restaurant ranks number one in the area. If you're in San Antonio and craving Mexican cuisine, Rosario's is definitely worth a try.

The Smoke Shack

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The Smoke Shack is a Texas barbecue joint with a cozy atmosphere despite its small size. Their menu allows you to choose 1 to 3 types of meat along with two sides. We ended up ordering four types of meat, including the must-try brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and sausage. The variety of sides offered was extensive, ranging from corn, potato salad, fries to fried okra, providing ample choices. Additionally, each meal comes with a slice of bread, which adds a refreshing touch. Unlike some of the barbecue joints we visited in Austin, the portions here weren't as massive. At least they seemed more manageable for one person, but in the end, we still couldn't eat anything else for dinner after this meal. Texans' appetites are truly astonishing!

Southerleigh Brewery

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Southerleigh is actually a fine dining restaurant and brewery located inside an old factory building in the Pearl District. We originally planned to dine here, but it was really hard to book a spot, and we were so full from the barbecue we had for lunch that we ended up just buying beer from the outdoor bar to enjoy outside. The outdoor bar had about six types of beer available, not a huge selection, and the taste was pretty average. However, the outdoor atmosphere was quite comfortable, no wonder hipsters like to spend an entire evening here.

Thirsty Aztec

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If you like Las Vegas's frozen cocktails, when you come to the River Walk, you might want to try San Antonio's Thirsty Aztec. Take a cup and listen to live music by the river; it can instantly turn the River Walk into a super joyful Las Vegas. The most popular cocktail slushie here is called "Local," which contains mango-flavored Tequila with other seasonings, offering a salty and spicy taste that's quite delicious. Plus, they're quite generous with the Tequila shot. We also bought a small Pina Colada, suitable for those who prefer something sweet.

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