Rocky Mountain National Park: Kawuneche Area - Continental Divide, Colorado River Trail, Holzwarth Historic Site, Adams Falls

Kawuneche Area | Introduction

Kawuneche is inRocky Mountain National ParkThe western part of the area starts roughly west of the Alpine Visitor Center, passes through the Continental Divide, and then follows Trail Ridge Road to the west exit towards Great Lake. This area ispathwayYou can almost always see the Colorado River, and there are fewer tourists, so you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the quiet river view.

If you're planning on traveling west to visit other Colorado attractions, the Grand Lake area outside the park is the best place to stay west of Rocky Mountain National Park, and Grand Lake itself is beautiful enough to visit on the same day.

How much does it cost to stay in Grand lake?

Kawuneche Area Attractions | Medicine Bow

After the Alpine Visitor Center, the first attraction is the Medicine bow, which is a downhill climb.

Kawuneche Area View | Medicine Bow | Milner Pass | Continental Divide

Milner Pass is the Continental Divide, where water flows east to the Atlantic Ocean via the Mississippi River, and west to the Pacific Ocean via the Grand Canyon and the Gulf of California. The back trail leads to the Never Summer Mountains.

Kawuneche Regional Trail | Colorado River Trailhead

For those who like hiking, the Colorado River Trail is a must in the Kawuneche area. 1 mile round trip to the Colorado River, the same river that created the Grand Canyon, this trailhead leads to several moderate trails of about 5 miles along the upper reaches of the Colorado River. This trailhead leads to several 5-mile moderate trails that follow the Colorado River upstream. Although the trailhead is classified as moderately difficult, the first part of the trail is actually very smooth and easy to walk, and the forest along the river is also very beautiful.

Kawuneche Regional Scenic Spot | Holzwarth Historic Site

The Rocky Mountain National Park is full of scenery, and finally a historic site has appeared, Holzwarth Historic Site. as soon as we got off the bus, we saw a small cabin, in front of which a 0.5 mile old road led us to an old resort, with the Colorado River at the entrance, where travelers used to come in horse-drawn carriages and Ford The Colorado River, where travelers used to come in horse-drawn carriages and Ford Model T's.

Between 1920 and 1929, the Holzwarth family of German descent came here to open up a farm, but later, because of the beautiful scenery in the neighborhood, they turned to operate a tourist resort. After a 0.5-mile walk, you can see seven or eight old cabins in the resort, as well as the former restaurants and stores, and you can imagine the bustle of the old days.

Kawuneche Regional Trail | Coyote Valley Trail

The Coyote Valley Trail is a short, gentle trail that follows the Colorado River for only 0.5 miles. Along the way, you can see the river, forest and grassland. In fact, if you have been to the Grand Canyon, you will be amazed at the magic of nature. The upstream Colorado River is surrounded by such a gentle terrain, while the flow to the Grand Canyon, Canyonlands and the area is cut out of such a magnificent canyon landscape. In fact, this entire valley was once a glacier, and the permafrost below it resulted in a very different terrain.

Kawuneche Area Attractions | Adams Falls

Although Adams Falls is part of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the entrance is actually outside the park entrance, near Grand Lake. the trail to Adams Falls is only 0.3 mile, but the terrain is a little steeper, so it's not an easy climb, so it's best to bring hiking poles. It's not the season to come here in fall, but the water flow is still quite strong and it's a spectacular waterfall.

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