Qingdao Overnight Sightseeing: Wu Si Plaza, Old Fisherman's Dumplings


Qingdao City is located in the north of China, on the coast of the Jiaodong Peninsula, and is the largest city in Shandong Province.In June 2017, I traveled to Qingdao on business, and took advantage of my only free day and evening to take an hour-long sightseeing tour of Qingdao. Because of time constraints, I had to choose Wusi Square, the closest attraction to the hotel, as my destination. It was a very busy trip, so I went toBeijing, capital of People's Republic of ChinaAnd again, it's only for one day.

Qingdao has a long history as a city of history and culture, from the Zhou Dynasty to the Zhou Dynasty, Qingdao has been the home of the Qi and Lu kingdoms and so on. In fact, Qingdao is also a famous city for its history and culture, with archaeological sites of Neolithic culture and Longshan culture, and a long history, from the Zhou Dynasty onwards, it has been the belonging place of civilized states such as Qi and Lu. There is also a richness of culture, music and so on, so I am not going to talk about them all here.

PentaplazaLocated on the eastern coast of Qingdao, the square commemorates the patriotic acts of students who defended sovereignty during the May Fourth Movement. The plaza itself is divided into two parts, north and south, with the southern part formed by reclamation and the landmark "May Winds" sculpture, which is particularly eye-catching at night when it is illuminated.

Next to Wusi Square is Qingdao's New Eastern Business District. The night view is gorgeous and it's a great place for dating. There are many small stores along the waterfront walkway, and many young couples take a stroll in this area.

Walking south along the waterfront promenade, it takes about five minutes to reach the Music Square. The Music Square is a very open space, and there were indeed some people playing music, probably Chinese street performers. The performer was a singer, so I can only say that I don't expect too much from the roadside music here, maybe it's not to my taste.

Dining in Qingdao: Old Fisherman's Fresh Water Dumplings

After an hour of shopping, I was ready for dinner. It was already past 10pm, and most restaurants were closed, but I was lucky to find this 24-hour seafood fried restaurant, Lao Yuejia Fresh Dumplings, which is the most basic food in Shandong, so any local seafood restaurant sells dumplings. The most basic food in Shandong and Northeast China is dumplings, so any local seafood restaurant sells dumplings. Qingdao's famous dumplings are wrapped in seafood, and the most famous is probably the duckfish dumplings. I was a bit greedy and wanted to try all the flavors in one meal, so I ordered the "All in One Dumpling", which included not only the turkey dumplings, but also cuttlefish dumplings, yellow croaker dumplings, and shrimp dumplings, each with their own taste, which I enjoyed. Because it is a seafood fried restaurant, although there are no fellow travelers, but in the coastal city always have to try seafood, so I ordered a small sea snail to go with it. I ate seafood in the following days, but the conch I tasted on the first night is still the best in my memory. Qingdao beer is famous, so I ordered a bottle of Qingdao raw stout for one person, which was a real luxury.

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