Beijing Food: Old Beijing Snacks

Old Beijing Snacks

Introduced by my colleague, I came to Old Beijing Snacks Restaurant for lunch, which sells authentic Beijing food. Let's have a look at what's on offer.

The first dish is the Demoiselle Cucumber, which is a very skillful dish. Look at how thinly the cucumber is sliced, it's amazing. On the side is a meat jelly, which is said to have been invented by the Manchu people.

Old Beijing Snacks,Beijing Cuisine 1

Enema is also a Beijing snack. The original enchilada was made from pig intestines filled with starch, sliced and deep-fried, and served with garlic sauce, which is said to have been the way people satisfied their meat craving in ancient times. Nowadays, people just treat it as a snack, and no longer need to use the real large intestine skin.

Old Beijing Snacks, Beijing Cuisine 2

Another bowl of Old Beijing Noodles in Fried Sauce is made by pouring cucumber, bean sprouts, and other condiments into the noodles, and then mixing in the fried sauce according to your taste. My coworkers keep saying that if you want to eat the real Old Beijing Fried Noodles, you should go to his place, where the homemade flavor is authentic. Personally, I found the flavor of the fried noodles at this restaurant to be similar to that of the common Taiwanese fried noodles, but the presentation was very ornate.

Old Beijing Snacks, Beijing Cuisine 3

The old Beijing tripe, this dish was originally a halal snack, there are actually many ways to do it, I do not know why in Beijing tripe is particularly popular, there are many famous old stores, each with a different approach. This day we eat is the water explosion method, the fresh belly cleaned and cut into strips, quickly boiled, and then dipped in sesame sauce.

Old Beijing Snacks, Beijing Cuisine 4

Quanjude (famous Chinese restaurant)

We said it was a one day trip, but in fact we spent two days in Beijing. On the first night, we went to eat at Quanjude, and after that, we went to Shizahai to see the night view. This day was work oriented and not a sightseeing trip, so I don't have any photos, but I'll put up some photos of Quanjude as a souvenir.

The most important thing about Quanjude is the roasted duck, and there are some comments on the internet that the roasted duck has gone out of fashion, but the roasted duck on that day was still very good, and I think the standard of the other dishes was not bad either.

Old Beijing Snacks, Beijing Cuisine 5

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