Neuschwansteinstraße and Schloss Hohenschwangau: The Fairytale World of Mad King Ludwig

Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip Itinerary

On this day, we came to Hohenschwangau to visit one of the most popular attractions in Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle. You need to schedule a day trip here. Besides Neuschwanstein Castle, there are also High Swan Castle, Marienne Suspension Bridge, etc. We needed to make reservation for both Neuschwanstein and High Swan Castle. Both Neuschwanstein Castle and High Swanstein Castle require reservation. We went to Ticket center early in the morning to get the tickets, then we walked up the hill for 15 minutes to visit the High Swanstein Castle first, and then we walked up to the other side of the hill to visit Neuschwanstein Castle for about 30 minutes. Because of the distance between the two places, you need to be careful not to schedule too tightly when you make a reservation, otherwise you may not be able to make it. After seeing the castle, you can go to see the Marienne Suspension Bridge in a more leisurely way, and then go to the town of Fussen to have a rest.

High Heavenly Goose Castle

After collecting the tickets, our first step was to go up the hill to visit the High Swan Castle. Although there are many guided tours, there is no waiting time.
The High Swan Castle, also known as the Old Swan Castle, was built in the 12th century, fell in the 16th century and was severely damaged during the Napoleonic Wars. The father of King Ludwig II of Castle Madness bought the ruins of the castle and rebuilt it, so this castle is also the place where Ludwig II grew up.High Heavenly Goose Castle
While waiting for the tour to start, you can walk outside the castle. It was a cloudy and rainy day, so not many photos.
Neuschwanstein, Swansea High Castle 1
Neuschwanstein Castle, High Swan Castle 2

High Swan Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle are located on two hills facing each other. Ludwig II, who dreamed of building a fairytale castle, chose this location to facilitate his supervision from the High Swan Castle. From the window of his father's room, you can see Neuschwanstein directly. The tour guide will tell many stories about Ludwig II. Another interesting story is that in one of the rooms, there is a piece of bread that has been kept for hundreds of years, which was left over after the king had flaked a piece of it when he received foreign guests.

Neuschwanstein Castle

After visiting the High Swan Castle, our next trip to Neuschwanstein Castle is in 40 minutes, we will go down the hill and up to the other side of the hill. If you don't want to walk, you can also take a carriage, but the frequency of carriage is limited, so you should pay attention to the schedule.
One side of Neuschwanstein was still under renovation when we arrived.
Neuschwanstein, High Swan 4

The Neuschwanstein Castle is much larger than the High Swan Castle, and according to Ludwig's design, the whole castle is full of fairytale style, with a lot of breathtaking decorations and designs inside. Ludwig II spent all the money in the treasury to build this castle, but it was still not finished. Only some of the completed rooms are open for viewing. The Bavarian government was very dissatisfied with Ludwig II, who spent money like water. Therefore, Ludwig II only stayed in the Neuschwanstein Castle, which he had worked so hard to build, for 172 days, before he was escorted away by the Bavarian government, and drowned shortly afterward. However, although the Bavarians drove the king away, they were very good at utilizing the resources and soon opened Ludwig II's castle to the public, creating countless tourist income.

After visiting the interior, you can walk along the outside walkway towards the Marion Suspension Bridge.

Neuschwanstein, Swansea High Castle 5
From this angle, we can see that the Neuschwanstein Castle is really tall.

Marianne Suspension Bridge is the best place to see the panoramic view of Neuschwanstein Castle. Doesn't this castle look familiar to you from the angle of the bridge? In fact, the castle in the Disney movie is based on Neuschwanstein Castle, so it is the fairy tale castle in everyone's mind.

Neuschwanstein, Swansea Highlands 7
Neuschwanstein Castle

Marion Suspension Bridge

The Marienne Suspension Bridge itself is also a famous sight, and is always full of people because everyone runs to take photos on it. The best place to take photos of Marianne Suspension Bridge is from the entrance of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Neuschwanstein, Swansea 9

The small suspension bridge is always crowded with visitors.

Neuschwanstein, High Swan 10

Lake Alps

On the way down, I was looking towards the High Swan Castle, which looks much smaller now. The beautiful lake next to it is Lake Alps. When the weather is good, you should visit the lake.
Neuschwanstein, High Swan 11
Neuschwanstein, High Swan 12

Fuson (name)

After a long day of walking, it's time to take a break. It's time to take a break in the bustling town of Füssen, have a beer and check out the churches.

Neuschwanstein, High Swan 13
Neuschwanstein, High Swansea 14

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