Hokkaido Road Trip: Shikotsu Lake, Muroran's Eight Views, and Points of Interest on the Hakodate to Sapporo Route

Some people ask questions inHakodateDriving between Sapporo andcaveman, and bid farewellWhat else is there to do? Lake Shikotsu and the Eight Views of Muroran are located atHakodateThe road between Sapporo and the city is a good place to stop for motorists. FromHakodateTo Sapporo plus the eight views of Muroran and Lake Shikotsu, all the way to the natural scenery, to these two places in the middle of the rest is a very good arrangement, can minimize the labor of the journey.

Driving between Hakodate and Sapporo | Muroland Eight Views

Ms. Murolan is in thebid farewell and cavemanMuroland is a city in the middle of Hokkaido, which used to be a major industrial city in Hokkaido. Muroran is suitable for a half-day drive as a stopover, or a full-day tour by train. On the way from Noboribetsu to Toya, if you are on the highway, you can turn onto the Muroran branch line at the southern end and enter the Kohanjima Island, where the Eight Scenic Spots of Muroran are located.Eight Views of MuroranTokkarisho, Golden Screen, Cape Earth, Measurement Hill, Masuichi Seaside Observatory, Silver Screen, Eikan Gorge, and Night View of Muroran Harbor are all very close to each other.

White Bird Bridge

We traveled from Toya to Noboribetsu and turned off Highway 37 to enter Muroran and passed the Shiratori Bridge. The Shiratori Bridge Observatory is a good place to see the night view of Muroran factories and the Shiratori Bridge, but it is best to stay at night. One thing to note is that it is a bit difficult to find the Hakubutsukyo Bridge Observatory by yourself, and the guide may take the wrong way.

Lake Shikotsu, Muroran Eight Views 1

Eight Views of Muroran | Cape Earth

Cape Earth is one of the most representative scenic spots. People who come to Muroran during the daytime should at least visit Cape Earth to see the natural scenery from the observation deck. The name "Cape Earth" is derived from the Ainu word for cliff, and later on it was extended to mean the tip of the earth because of its close sound, and it is also a place where many people come to watch the "first sunrise of the year". In summer, you can take a cruise, but in winter, you can only see the view from the observation deck.

Walking up the steps of the observation deck, a happiness clock is placed in the center of the observation deck, which extends out to the Cape Earth Lighthouse below. On a good day, you should be able to see the Komagatake Mountains and Aomori Prefecture on the other side.

Lake Shikotsu, Muroran Hakkei 2

Eight Views of Muroran | Golden Screen | Silver Screen | Tokkarisho

The oddly shaped rocky coastline is one of the wonders of Muroran, and as you walk along the coast, you can see these aptly named coastal landscapes, such as the Golden Screen and the Silver Screen.

Lake Shikotsu, Muroran's Eight Views 6

Tokkarisho is the Ainu word for rock, which is inhabited by eels and seals in winter.


Driving between Hakodate and Sapporo | Lake Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu is a volcanic crater lake, said to be the second deepest in Japan, and is an hour's drive from Sapporo. It is surrounded by Mt. Etiwa, Mt. Kazebutsu, and Mt. Tarumae. Although there are onsen hotels, shopping streets, restaurants, and sightseeing boats in the summer, there are fewer tourists than in Toya and Noboribetsu, so when you come to Lake Shikotsu, you will immediately have the feeling of being close to nature, and it's a good place for locals to go hiking, enjoying the lake, and camping in the hot springs.

Lake Shikotsu is very beautiful in winter, but it's really cold, so it's not possible to stay outside for a long time. Luckily, the Visitor Center has a good location to enjoy Lake Shikotsu, so you can imagine how happy you would be to sit in front of the large floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy the view of Japan's northernmost frozen lake after walking around the lake at minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Lake Shikotsu Visitor Center
Inside the Visitor Center

Outside, next to the red iron bridge on the left is the site of the Ice Wave Festival, where workers are busy preparing ice sculptures for the festival in late January.

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