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Ididaride | Introduction

IdidarideThe Iditarod Trail is a famous Seward sightseeing trip, and in the past, because of the cold climate in Alaska, the trail relied on trained pups to haul supplies from Seward's harbor to the north. On theSewardThe sledding race, which is held every year, is an important winter event. The race is very simple, but the process is very difficult, in the cold weather of winter a group of dogs and a person in command must run the whole Iditarod trail, to reach the speed to win. Nowadays, when we tourists come to Alaska, we can also come to sit and watch this kind of dog sledding. In winter, we can sit on a dog sled, but in summer, there is no snow, so it is replaced by a similar vehicle.

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Ididaride dog sled

Ididaride | Trip Details

The tour starts with a meeting point at the departure point, which is close to Seward, atExit glacierNext to it. After the assembly, we will first introduce the history of the Iditarod and explain how far these puppies have to run. Looking at the map, it's hard to imagine that these cute dogs can run such a long way.

Then it's time for the pageant to pick out the dogs that are ready to go today. These well-trained dogs are strong and sturdy and are not afraid of strangers. They are small, but incredibly strong and love to run. As soon as the owner approached them with a group of people, they knew it was time to pull the car and were excited. However, the chances of being selected to pull the car in summer are not high, and only a few dogs that can adapt to the summer climate are selected each time, so it is considered lucky to be selected to go out for a run. However, this is also for the good of the dogs, as they are trained to work in cold weather in winter and it is very hard for them to pull a truck in summer. For the sake of the dogs' health, only a few of them can pull passenger cars.

The guests were divided into two groups and while waiting we were taken to see the puppies and hear stories about training and competitions. The dogs were all raised from puppies, and were so cute that they were picked up by their owners in their sleep and held in their arms for the guests to get close to, and each of them could be held for more than 10 minutes.

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The big brother who greeted us has also participated in several races, riding in the race sled pictured below. We heard a lot of stories about the race. It is said that the real trail runs are led by the experienced dogs who know the way, and the new dogs become the experienced dogs next time. There is not much that a human being can do, and in the harsh environment, the human being's job is to manage the dog's food and routine during the races, as well as to train them on a regular basis to win the races. In addition, since there is only one person in each team except the dog, they have to fight against the feeling of desperation and loneliness, and even hallucinations. In times of need, the bond they have cultivated with the dogs is the only warmth.

Ididaride | Trail Riding

After waiting for a long time, it was finally time for the main event of the trail riding, which is a car that weighs about the same as a sled in summer. There were about eight people sitting on the truck, and only a few dogs were pulling it, so I have to admire their strength. Each dog has a different personality and is responsible for a different job. The most important thing is that the dog in the front must know the way, be able to command and keep the dogs behind him calm. Sometimes the naughty dogs will go in different directions, so they will adjust each other's position and supervise each other a bit. It's cool to ride in a doggy cart, these puppies are very fast, but they stay in line. Every time they pulled, they would stop and take a break, supposedly because it was too hot for them to handle, and they listened to the instructions very well. It was quite exciting and fun to sit in the car.

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