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Homer | Introduction

HomerA small town on a cape, 200 miles from Alaska's capital city of Anchorage, Homer is known as the Halibut fishing capital of the world and is a fishing village rich in marine ecology. The drive to Homer is characterized by wide ocean views, and if it weren't for the icebergs in front of us, it would feel like we were driving along the island chain of Florida.

Compared to other harbor cities we've been to, Homer has a different atmosphere, with a particularly relaxed feel. Homer has a high concentration of sightseeing activities, and many stores offer marine activity tours, and after all, as the so-called halibut capital, the most popular tours are actually sea fishing tours. But it doesn't matter if you don't know how to fish, you can also participate in marine ecology and canoeing trips, or just stroll around the town and eat seafood, the seafood here, especially halibut, is very, very fresh. We stayed in Homer for two nights and spent one and a half days in the town. Besides joining the sea canoeing tour, we also enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the town.

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Fishing Locations | Homer Spit

Homer spit is the southernmost port in Homer, so if you like to fish and don't want to take a trip, you can come here and fish from the shore. There are a lot of local people who come here to fish, and even the kids look very professional. Fishing here is completely recreational, and those who catch fish will put them back into the sea.

Homer Accommodations | Driftwood Inn

Homer is a small tourist town, so there are many places to stay. When we came to Homer, our budget was almost spent, so we searched for an affordable hotel. We finally found this Driftwood Inn, although the room is not big, but it's quite comfortable, the main point is that it's cheaper.

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Homer Sea Activities | Sea Kayaking & Eco-Trips

It would be a shame to come to Homer and not join the sea activities. We wanted to join the full day marine ecology and sea canoeing tour, the original schedule was Coastal study tour in the morning to learn about the intertidal zone, and then sea kayaking in the afternoon, but the tour guide told us that we could not observe the intertidal zone because of the full moon that day, so we changed it to the island ecology tour with mountain climbing. I would like to remind everyone to check the weather and time of the day. Although we didn't check the tides by our own negligence, the tour guide still visited the small aquarium on the island and explained some knowledge about intertidal creatures. There were all kinds of starfish in the aquarium, and the tour guide even tried his best to let us see the dried shellfish swimming, which was a small compensation.

The sea canoe needs to take a boat to the nearby island, all the way to the sea in fact we have been a large number of seabirds shocked. As long as there is a reef, there are a large number of seabirds gathered, from time to time you can also see a very close to the bald eagle, you may think he is a bit familiar, he is the national bird of the U.S. Homer this side is said to be the easiest place to see it.

After going to the island, we mainly hiked the lost and found lake trail on the island in the morning, this trail requires basic equipment to climb, so we borrowed the island's hiking boots to go on the road. It was pouring rain on the mountain, and some places were very slippery and muddy, so it was not very convenient to take photos. However, along the way, the tour guide pointed out a lot of traces of organisms that we would not normally notice, and continued to tell a lot of stories about the natural ecology, which was a very interesting and special experience.

In the afternoon, we had a long awaited sea canoeing trip. It was our first time to play sea canoeing, so we were especially excited. The kayaking instructor was this handsome guy with two idiots who were not good at kayaking, he must have been very sleepy the whole afternoon.

While boating, we saw no less than ten kinds of starfish along the way, and the coach would pick up each one for us to touch, and the touch of different kinds of starfish was different.

One more unforgettable incident happened in the middle of the trip: we saw a napping Otter in the sea, and originally we only wanted to paddle a little bit closer to him, but in the middle of the trip, the instructor diverted our attention to look at the starfish, and after looking at the starfish, we turned around, and the boat was less than 2 meters away from the Otter. It was our first time paddling a canoe, and although we tried our best to paddle away from him, we were about to crash into him. At that moment, Otter opened his eyes and pushed us away with both of his hands, and then bounced far away from us to continue his sleep. At that time, his expression was one of disbelief, how could there be such a stupid person? Then the trainer just watched us and laughed all the time....

After that, we went back by boat and the weather was almost clearing up. I saw a big flock of ducks in the sea, if I didn't see them in person, it was hard to imagine that so many ducks could swim together. On the way back, I saw the icebergs from Homer's bay, it was a different kind of scenery.

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Homer Gourmet | Captain Pattie's fish house

We stayed in Homer for two nights and ate at two restaurants. The first one was Captain pattie's fish house, a popular restaurant with good reviews on Yelp. We waited in line for a long time, and ordered a seafood sample plate with fried shrimp and fish, steamed clam, and IPA beer. The food was generally quite good and the seafood was fresh as expected, but the price was a bit too high. To be fair, the CP value is acceptable given the high price of Alaska.

Homer Gourmet | AJ's Oldtown Steakhouse & Tavern

The next night I got off the ship and was exhausted after a long day of fun, so I found AJ's Oldtown steakhouse & tavern restaurant for dinner near the Driftwood Inn where I was staying. It's an old school western restaurant, featuring Homer's signature seafood dishes, and it's also a popular steakhouse in the area. We had the Prime Rib and the fried fish, which I personally found to be of moderate flavor for a sightseeing trip, but if you're here for the food, I'd give it a mediocre rating.

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