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Antelope Canyon | Introduction

Antelope Canyon (Antelope Canyon) is a famous geological wonder, a crevasse-shaped canyon formed by millions of years of wind erosion of soft sandstone. The beauty and uniqueness of the rock formations and the narrow passages make Antelope Canyon a photo mecca.

Antelope Canyon is located on the Indian Reservation at a distance ofMonument valleyIt's not far away. In addition to Antelope Canyon, there is also the Monument Valley,lake powellThe nearest town is Page, where you can arrange to stay.

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Upper Antelope Canyon | Guided Tours

Into the Antelope Canyon to visit must participate in the Indian tribal belt of the guided tour, the entire Antelope Canyon is divided into upper and lower two, more people go to the upper Antelope Canyon, the depth of the deeper, the road is relatively gentle, take photographs of a strong sense of hierarchy. The lower Antelope Canyon is shallower, the road is rougher, and it is easy to overexpose in summer, so there are fewer tourists. It is said that it is suitable to go to the lower Antelope Canyon in winter because there is less sunshine in winter, but it is harder to catch a good time to take pictures in the upper Antelope Canyon, which is deeper.

We chose to go to Upper Antelope Canyon as most of the people did. Because of the popularity of the tour, it is divided into several sessions, each including the bus ride time is one and a half hours. During the peak season, it is recommended to book the tour in advance, as the number of tours is already very high. We booked the tour about two or three weeks ago, and we could not book the tour with the best noon line. Because of the depth of Antelope Canyon, the best time to go up is noon, the sun is at an angle of ninety degrees, and the sunlight shines vertically, which is the best time to show the changes of light and shadow.

Upper Antelope Canyon Recommended Itinerary

After gathering, the guide will drive you to the reserve for about 15 minutes.

Upon arrival, the route is simple, starting from the entrance through the bottom of the canyon to the other end and back. Due to the large number of tourists, the tour guide will control the speed, so the time to take photos at each point is limited. We went there at eleven o'clock, and the light was not enough during the trip, and it was darker where the light was not enough, and it was close to noon during the return trip, so that we could see the light pillars.

 The famous scenery of Antelope Canyon, the flowing sand from the rocks, isn't it romantic? In fact, every group has to rely on some of their own efforts to see such a view. The tour guide will count to one, two, three and then pour the sand up for everyone to take a picture of it, but even so, it's still a very beautiful sight to see on the spot.

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In some parts of the canyon, the passage is so narrow that only one person can pass through the back section. When the light pours down, you can see the special texture of the rocks, as if water is flowing through them.

Attracted by the geographic wonders, I kept taking photos and before I knew it, I reached the exit at the other end. Looking from the outside to the inside, I realized that the canyon I had just walked through was actually very narrow.

On the way back, when it was closer to noon, the light pillars really appeared. In just half an hour, we could see the difference in light and shadow, which made us feel the ingenious work of nature. At the same time, the tour guide threw sand into the sky to create a clearer picture of the pillar of light.

This kind of beautiful scene in the field to experience their feelings is always more than look at the photo deep very very much, in the future have the opportunity to hope to be able to go back to this magical Antelope Canyon a tour.

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