Accommodation in Sanya, Hainan Island: Intercontinental Resort & Spa, Haitang Bay

Accommodation in Begonia Bay

I seldom write accommodation reviews, partly because I spend most of my time and effort on sightseeing or food, and partly because I focus on transportation and cleanliness when choosing a hotel, and I seldom pay special attention to the facilities of a hotel even if I stay in a five-star hotel. This time I stayed in SanyaIntercontinental Resort & Spa, Haitang BayFirst of all, the room is particularly gorgeous, and then the location is very good, I feel like staying in a scenic spot, not only the beach and coast, but also the room is the vantage point. The whole Haitang Bay itself is actually a major attraction, and staying here you can enjoy the best sea view of Haitang Bay from the high point, so it's a special mention.

Room Facilities

The first day I arrived at Sanya in the early morning, and as soon as I entered the room, I felt likeHardware facilities can be said to be six-star. I booked a single room with twin beds, large floor-to-ceiling windows with electric curtains, when I arrived in the early hours of the morning did not feel the difference, until the morning to realize the benefits of the sea view outside.
Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 1

The room is very spacious, so it's not too crowded for a family of four. As a business traveler, I am most happy with the large office space.

Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 2

The toilet is a real money spender, with double sinks and plenty of space, a toilet and a shower on either side, and all the hardware is of a high class.

Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 3

In the morning, I walked to the balcony and saw that there was a large space, not to mention a large bathtub facing the outdoors.

Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 4

Ocean view with private beach

It is only in the morning that you can see the sea view outside the balcony. Residents can enjoy the large green area and private beach downstairs.Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 5

Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 6
The hotel's private beach is very comfortable without tourists, the only drawback is that according to Sanya government regulations you can't go into the water.
Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 7
Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 8

Hotel Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel is a buffet with a wide variety of Chinese and Western styles, and you can't get tired of it even after five days of eating. The dishes are all famous in Sanya. I ordered the Houan noodles, which is my favorite dish these days.
Haitang Bay, Sanya Accommodation 9

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