2018/07 Montreal, Canada Quebec Itinerary (Montreal/Quebec City)

In July 2018, I had the opportunity to travel to Eastern Canada for work, and my Canadian trip to Montreal and Quebec City lasted a total of ten days, spanning two weekends. I spent eight days in Montreal and one day driving to Quebec City in a rental car. Because it was mainly a business trip, the time for sightseeing was very loose, but the sights in Montreal are quite concentrated, and they are not far from the old town area where I stayed, so I still went to quite a lot of places.

It's not my first time to visit Montreal, I came here once in 2012, and I only stayed two nights that time, but I have a very good impression of the city. I stayed here for 10 days this time, and although I didn't have much time to play, I still enjoyed its culture and food. I think Montreal is a good place for a three or four day, two or three night trip if it's compact, and if it's summer, you can check beforehand to see if you can fit in music festivals.

Day 1. Old Town of PotsdamIt's probably a good idea to schedule a day to see the must-see Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Old Port and theChinatownIf you're interested, you can check it out.Archaeological Museum.

Day 2. Mount RoyalA must-see, half to full day scheduling is recommended.

Day 3. city centeras well asLatin RegionIf you like shopping or want to see the exhibition, you can schedule two days, otherwise one day should be enough.

Other imagesAtwater marketThere is enough time to go for a walk.

As for Quebec City, if possible I would recommend arranging at least two days and one night, we didn't have any prior planning so we used a day trip to Quebec, which was a bit too much of a rush, and Quebec City is a place worth savoring.  

A day trip to Quebec will allow you to visit some of the famous sights includingStar Fortress, and Old Quebec City.

Last but not least, these two cities have a lot of great restaurants to try.

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