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Muir Woods National Monument Tourism Profile

Muir Woods national monument is a forested park in the northern suburbs of San Francisco, featuring a huge California redwood forest, with beautiful scenery for young and old alike. It's about a half-hour drive from San Francisco when there is no traffic, so it's a popular destination for many San Francisco tourists, and if you come in the afternoon, you can even pass by it in the evening.Golden Gate BridgeGo for a night view or go to Sausalito for a seafood dinner.

Muir Woods National Monument is not a big area, if you only take the main flat trail, half a day is more than enough. However, it is important to note that due to the large number of people, parking is controlled, so if you are currently driving, you must go online beforehand.Reserve a Parking SpaceThe reservation fee is $9 for a regular car. Another way to get around is to take a shuttle at Pohono park and ride, Sausalito, Marin, etc. We didn't know that you need to reserve a parking space when we first came here, so we ended up not being able to get in. Even if you have a reservation, the parking space is still limited, so how far you can park depends on your luck.

In front of the park gate is the Visitor Center where tickets are sold. Tickets are $15 per person, or you can use the U.S. National Parks Annual Pass.

Frequent visitors to national parks in the United States should be familiar with the name John Muir, a lifelong lover of nature who was responsible for the establishment of many of America's national parks, and for the naming of Muir Woods. However, the current Muir Woods site was originally purchased by a man named Willim Kent in order to protect a large area of pristine redwood forest, and he later donated the land to the government and asked them to name it Muir Woods.

Inside Muir Woods, you can see many huge redwoods, the same as those found in Redwood National Park, which grow on the California coast. They are characterized by being very tall, with the tallest being more than 252 feet tall, and some of them are more than a thousand years old. In front of the trail near the entrance, you can see a cross-section of the annual rings that illustrate the age of the redwoods.

Inside Trail

Inside Muir Woods, the trail has a consistent view, and it's all about the redwoods. Don't think that it looks monotonous, but when you walk among these tall redwoods, you will feel that human being is really amazingly small. The whole trail is covered with trees, so it's cool to walk in summer.

Redwoods are often seen in a circle on the trail, and most of them are grown from a single redwood, with the roots underneath connected to each other.

Most of the tourists will mainly focus on the flat and paved trail in the center. The trail is easy to walk, totaling 2 miles in length, and it takes about two hours to walk slowly around the trail. The trail is surrounded by towering redwoods and is very comfortable. In the middle of the trail, you will pass by some of the most famous redwoods, such as Pinchot Tree, Cathedral grove, Bohemian grove, all of which are indicated on the side of the trail.

If we only take the flattest trail, there are four bridges in the park, called Bridge 1, Bridge 2, Bridge 3 and Bridge 4. We can decide how far we want to walk according to our own physical strength, and the existence of these bridges makes it easier for us to go around and go back to the starting point. Some of us have limited time, so we may only go as far as Bridge 2 and then turn back.

If you are more energetic, there are still a lot of trails around. For example, the Ocean view trail can be connected to the Canopy view trail, Lost trail and Fern Creek trail, which is an extra 2.7 miles and requires a little bit of hiking, so you can see a different scenery. However, if you want to see the redwoods, you can just take the following trail.

We walked to the second half of the trail, then turned to Fern Creek trail, then Camp Eastwood trail before coming down. After leaving the main trail, there were indeed fewer people, so if you want to pursue a quiet and sacred atmosphere, it's actually not a bad idea to walk up there if you are physically able to do so. If you are physically able, it's not a bad idea to walk up the trail. It takes about half a day to complete the trail.

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