Hog Island Oyster Farm

Hog Island Oyster Farm

Oyster lovers in the Bay Area are probably no strangers to Hog Island Oyster Co. Founded in 1983, Hog Island Oyster Co. is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.Ferry buildingThe Hog Island Oyster Farm is one of the most popular restaurants in San Francisco, and one of the most popular restaurants in San Francisco is the Hog Island Oyster Farm. However, fewer people have been to the Hog Island Oyster Farm in Marshall, which is where Hog Island raises their oysters, and is a little over an hour's drive north of downtown San Francisco.

For those who are interested in visiting oyster farm, there are three typestourYou can join the tour, tour time are weekdays, and must be booked in advance. We came on a holiday, the main purpose is to eat oysters, oyster farm to buy oysters, freshness and much cheaper than eating in the city, you can choose to take away at the Hog Shack or at the beach The Boat Oyster Bar to order inside.

Hog Shack

Hog Shack specializes in oyster takeout, open daily from 9am-5pm, with oysters priced according to size. Oysters are priced according to their size. The shells are not opened, so you have to prepare your own tools and find a place to eat. In the past, there used to be a reserved picnic area at the seaside venue, where many people would come to barbecue their meat, and it was quite popular, but because of too many people in the picnic area, it was not easy to control, and it has been closed down.

The Boat Oyster Bar

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We're here on theThe Boat Oyster BarThe Oyster Bar is open for lunch only from 11am-3pm, and only for those who have a reservation. All seating is outdoors, next to the original picnic area, so it's a nice place to sit and eat oysters in the summer with a view of the ocean.

The menu looks very simple, the main course is of course oyster, there are oysters and BBQ oyster to choose from, and there are also some dim sum plates and salads to choose from. We ordered a dozen of oysters and a BBQ oyster, which were fresh and delicious. The Charcuterie Board was another highlight, we thought we would get bored with oysters, so we ordered some meat to go with it, but we didn't expect the flavor to be amazing. There were proscuitto, picantte, pickled cucumber, and the Nduja with spicy meat sauce in the middle was delicious on crackers. The wine selection wasn't extensive, but it was satisfactory. I particularly liked the oyster stout, and later on, I found it sold out when I ate seafood on the California coast, so it seems to be quite popular.

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