Mt Rainier National Park: Mt Rainier Paradise Inn Accommodation Tips

Mt Rainier Paradise Inn Accommodation Tips

Mt Rainier Paradise Inn is the most popular lodging in Mt. Rainier. It is located right next to the Paradise visitor center, very close to the main trails, and is the most convenient way to get to other areas. Although the price is a little bit expensive, it is a good choice to stay here.

Paradise inn was built in 1916, the building itself is also very historical significance of the monument, the room is not bad, the overall facilities are quite good, the hall in the evening will be held ranger program, the night will become very lively.

I really like the outdoor space of Paradise inn, there are chairs for visitors to sit and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the mountain view, another good thing about Mt. Rainier is that although there are a lot of visitors, it doesn't seem to be very crowded.

There is a small lounge space on the second floor that serves cookies and snacks in the afternoons.

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I stayed here for two nights and listened to ranger's storytelling for two days. The first night's story was one of my favorites, a slide show about a female teacher who came to Mt Rainier in 1915 when it was first opened. Back then there were no hotels and no easy access to the main road, and this first group of visitors came for a YMCA and YWCA event. Although the goal was to reach the top of the skyline trail, in those days there was still a difference between men and women, and as you can see from the photos, the girls still wore skirts to climb the mountain. It took 40 hours to climb to the top, and because it was thought that the girls didn't have the stamina to make it, the girls only made it as far as the camp muir, and the egg was that the female teacher was Ranger's own grandmother.

The second day was devoted to the history of the park; Mt. Rainier was the fifth national park in the United States, but the first to have a planned design. The original paradise inn had no road access and was just a large tent in 1900. In 1900, it was just a big tent. In the early days, the inns were all horse-drawn carriages, so they didn't build the roads they have now. Later on, the number of automobiles started to increase, and the present road was built. The road was carefully planned and the route was specially designed so that we could enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way up the mountain.

Paradise Inn Dining room

I stayed at Paradise inn in Mt Rainier for two nights and ate several meals in the dining room, the dinner at Paradise inn dining room is one of the best restaurants in the national parks in the US with very high CP value. As for breakfast, the buffet of 18 magnesium per person is quite ordinary.

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In the Paradise inn dining room, you can get Seattle's famous Beecher's Cheese and Pike place chowder, although it's not the same as the original restaurant, but the taste remains the same. The first night I had a burger with pike place salmon chowder for my main course.

Second night had beechers mac and cheese + crab, and wildflower salad with salmon, the wildflower salad was better than expected.

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