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Canyonlands National Park | Introduction

Canyonlands National Park (Canyonlands National Park) is an extensive national park with a total area of 1,366 square kilometers. It is located inArches National ParkThe Canyonlands National Park across the street is easier for tourists to overlook because of the difficult terrain. In fact, the large canyon terrain formed by the erosion of the Colorado River here is also very spectacular.

The Colorado River divides Canyonlands National Park into three sections: Island in the Sky in the north, Needles in the southeast, and Maze in the southwest. Although the park is vast, the three sections are not connected to each other because the river cuts through the park, and both Needles and Maze are rugged and inaccessible to non-four-wheel-drive sedans, so it is not easy to go deeper. Therefore, most visitors to Canyonlands National Park only visit the Island in the Sky program.

Island in the sky is actually not that big, from the entrance to the end of the round trip is only 34 miles, if the sedan can reach the scenic trails stop, it will only take about half a day, if you take a look at the horse, two hours can be left.

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If your time is very limited and you just want to take a quick look, you must visit Mesa arch and Green river overlook, there are two forks in the road after you pass Mesa arch, the viewpoints on both sides are very beautiful, you can go to Green river overlook and Upheaval dome in the west, and you can go south to Grand view points overlook in the south end. Green river overlook is more famous and closer, if you are in a hurry, you can choose to go to green river overlook and turn back. If you are in a hurry, you can go to the green river overlook and turn back, but if you have more time, you must add the Grand view point, if the weather is not too hot, it is not bad to walk on the Upheaval dome trail.

Viewpoints | Shafer Canyon Overlook

The first attraction after entering the park is Shafer canyon overlook, the canyon here is very wide. Canyon to see these roads, if there are four-wheel drive vehicles can only go, the picture can be seen not only a very long distance, stretching 108 miles, and some places are also hairpin bends.

Canyonlands National Park, Canyonlands National Park 5

Attractions | Mesa Arch

Mesa arch is a must-see in canyonlands, and also a very famous sunrise spot, you have to walk a short trail of 0.5 miles. It's a short 0.5 mile walk. It's a great spot for photography, and it's included in the desktop photos built into Windows 7.

Look out under the arch while overlooking the massive canyon, Tower Rock and the mountains beyond.

Attractions | Candlestick Tower

There are two more overlooks before you get to the grand view points overlook, one is to look at the candlestick tower, which is the rock on the right side of the picture below that looks like a candlestick from a distance.

Viewpoints | Buck Canyon Overlook

Another larger overlook is the buck canyon overlook, where you can already see the character of the canyonlands, with large canyons cut out by the river and white rim sandstone formations.

Viewpoint | Grand View Overlook

Grand view overlook is even more wonderful, look at that big hole on the ground, it's hard to imagine that the river can cut so deep. The best thing about Canyonlands National Park compared to Grand Canyon and other canyon national parks is that the canyon is so big that you can see the details of the canyon very clearly from the high ground. From the grand view overlook, you can also see the Needles area on the right.

Viewpoints | Green River Overlook

Back to the fork in the road next to the Mesa arch a little further west to the Green river overlook, which should be the most important signature attraction of Canyonlands National Park, the green river in the middle is the green river.

Attractions | Upheaval Dome | Whale Rock

Further west, at the bottom of the trail is Upheaval Dome, a longer trail with two overlooks, the first at 0.8 miles and the second at 1.8 miles, from which you can also see the Whale rock.

Viewpoints | Holeman Spring Canyon Overlook

The Holeman spring canyon overlook not far from Upheaval dome is located next to Alcove spring.

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