Half-Day Guide to Two Medicine: Must-See Sights and Trails

Two Medicine Area | Introduction

Glacier national park is divided into five areas. Lake McDonald,Many Glacier, North Fork and Goat Haunt,St. Mary,Two MedicineThe Two Medicine area is located in the southeastern part of the country and is accessible by car. In fact, during the railroad era, Two Medicine used to be a major tourist destination in Glacier National Park because of the popularity of the hiking trails that led into the high mountains of the park. FromGoing-to-the-sun roadAfter the completion of Two Medicine, the number of tourists coming to Two Medicine has decreased due to the relative convenience of traveling by car. Nowadays, Two Medicine is more suitable for hikers who yearn for peace and quiet or those who want to enjoy a leisurely afternoon by the lake.

As with Many Glacier, advance reservations are not required to drive into Two Medicine. However, during peak hours, the park may restrict the flow of traffic due to limited parking space. We came here after lunch, but we had to wait for an hour due to the limited parking space.

Like most tourists, we only had half a day. However, there are actually 12 hiking routes (Map), and the campground is nice. If you have time to stay in the area for two days and one night, there are actually a lot of places you can go.

Two Medicine Area | Attractions & Trails

Running Eagle Falls Trail

The first stop after entering the park is the Running Eagle Trail, which is a short 0.6 mile round trip. There is also a small nature trail next to it, so you can take a walk along the way. The final stop, Running Eagle Falls, is a small waterfall with an unusually shaped mouth that looks like an outlet in the mountains, and is a sacred site for the Pikuni, an ancient Pikuni chiefwoman who practiced fasting and religious ceremonies at the falls. She was the only Pikuni woman to be honored with this sacred ritual, and was loved by her people for her courage and leadership.

Two Medicine Lake

Driving further ahead, you’ll reach the shores of Two Medicine Lake, where most visitors gather. There are hiking trails starting from both the south and north ends of the lake. If you hike further, you can reach Upper Two Medicine Lake and No Name Lake. At the lake’s dock, you can take a boat tour or rent a small boat. The air quality was still affected by wildfires, and the mountains were shrouded in mist.

The General Store by the lake is a remnant from the railway era, when visitors used to arrive on horseback. Walking inside, you’ll find it quite grand because it used to be the dining hall of a lodge. The building was designed to offer travelers a comfortable meal after a long day and an overnight stay in the adjacent cabins. As travel modes changed over time, this place declined and was converted into a camp store for the nearby campground.

South Shore Trail

There are trails on both the south and north sides of Two Medicine Lake. If you want to hike to higher elevations, you can take the South Shore Trail, which is 7.9 miles long, to Two Medicine Pass. We took a simple walk on the South Shore Trail to Paradise Point, which is 0.6 miles away. Located in the middle of the south shore, it’s a quiet spot with beautiful lake views. This point is right by the lake, and you can also swim or paddle a small boat here.

North Shore Trail

The North Shore Trailhead is located next to the campground, and you need to drive into the campground to find it. If you have time, you can start from here and hike to Oldman Lake and Pitamakan Pass, then loop back, covering about 15 miles. This trail goes deep into the mountains, passing several lakes and waterfalls. We walked part of the way and then turned back. This trail is closer to the lakeshore, offering better views than the south shore.

Next to the North Shore Trail, the lakeshore in front of the campground is the southern end of Two Medicine Lake. This spot offers the most beautiful lake views and is much less crowded.

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