Half-Day Exploration of Two Medicine Area in Glacier National Park

Two Medicine Area Profile

Glacier national park is divided into five areas. Lake McDonald,Many Glacier, North Fork and Goat Haunt,St. Mary,Two MedicineTwo Medicine is located in the southeastern part of Glacier National Park and can only be reached by car. In fact, during the railroad era, Two Medicine used to be a major tourist destination in Glacier National Park because of the popularity of the hiking trails that led to the high peaks of the park. FromGoing-to-the-sun roadAfter the completion of Two Medicine, the number of tourists coming to Two Medicine is relatively less because it is more convenient to drive around. Nowadays, Two Medicine is more suitable for hikers who yearn for tranquility, or those who want to enjoy a leisurely afternoon by the lake.

Like Many Glacier, Two Medicine does not require entry reservation to enter the park. However, when there are a lot of people, the park will still restrict the flow of traffic due to the limited parking space. When we came after lunch, we had to wait for another hour because of the limited parking space.

Like most tourists, we only had half a day. However, there are actually 12 hiking routes (Map), and the campground looks so nice that there are actually plenty of places to walk if you have time to stay in the area for two days and one night.

Running eagle falls trail

The first stop after entering the park is the Running Eagle Trail, which is actually very short, only 0.6 miles round trip, and there is also a small nature trail next to it.

Running eagle falls is a small waterfall with a very special shape. The mouth of the waterfall is shaped like a spout in the mountains and is a sacred place for the Pikuni people, Running Eagle is the name of an ancient Pikuni chiefess who used to perform fasting and religious ceremonies at this waterfall. She was the only Pikuni woman who was honored to perform such sacred rituals and was loved by her people for her courage and leadership.

Two medicine lake

As you drive ahead, you will come to Two Medicine Lake, where most of the tourists gather. There are hiking routes from the south and north ends of the lake, and if you go up, you can also go to Upper Two Medicine Lake and No Name Lake. There is a dock at the lake where you can take a boat ride, or you can rent your own boat. On this day, the air was still affected by the wildfires, and the mountains were covered with clouds.

The General Store by the lake is a building left over from the old railroad era, and visitors come here by horseback. Walking into the building, you will find it quite elegant, because it used to be a hotel's dining hall. The design of this building is to let the tourists who run around all day to enjoy a comfortable dinner here and stay one night in the hut next to it. With the change of time, everyone changed to traveling by car, and this side also declined, and now it has been changed into a camp store next to the campsite.

South shore trail

There are two trails in Two Medicine, one in the north and one in the south, if you want to climb up to the high ground, you can take the South shore trail for 7.9 miles to Two Medicine Pass, this time we simply take the South shore trail to Paradise point, which is 0.6 miles away. We simply took the South shore trail to Paradise point 0.6 mile away, which is located in the middle of the south shore of Two Medicine Lake, it is very quiet and has a beautiful view of the lake. It is located in the middle of the south shore of Two Medicine Lake, it is quiet and has a beautiful view of the lake. Since this point is right beside the lake, you can also swim or row a boat from here.

North shore trail

The entrance of North shore trail is next to the campground, you need to drive into the campground to see it. If you have time, you can start from here and walk to Oldman lake and Pitamakan pass, then circle back, it is about 15 miles. You will pass several lakes and waterfalls along the way. We walked a little bit and then turned back. This trail is closer to the shore of Two Medicine Lake, the view is more beautiful than the south shore.

Just off the North Shore Trail, the lakeshore in front of the campground is the south end of Two Medicine Lake, and this angle actually has the best view of the lake, with very few tourists.

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