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Introduction to Logan Pass

Logan Pass can be described asGlacier national park (冰川國家公園)The most popular and crowded place in the park. Logan Pass is located at the high point of the park, the scenery is very beautiful, and you can see a lot of wild animals, although it is only open in summer, but as long as it is open, it is always crowded with tourists. If you are coming in late June/early July/early October, it is best to check the official website first.


To get to Logan Pass, you must use the Going-to-the-sun (GTTS) road that runs through the center of the park. usually in early summer the Going-to-the-sun road isn't completely open to cars, but it may be open to walking or biking, and the bike ride up Logan Pass can be very popular.

We came here in August and the Going-to-the-sun road was already open. You can choose to drive your own car or take a shuttle bus. For those who drive by themselves, you can take a shuttle bus fromWest half of the parkIt takes about 1.5~2 hours to drive from Apgar visitor center, and 1 hour from St. Mary visitor center. It is best to arrive at Logan Pass before 8:00 p.m. because it is very difficult to find a parking space here, and if you are late, you have to be mentally prepared to wait, and the park may close the entrance of the parking lot to control the flow of traffic.

If the destination is simply Logan Pass, a shuttle is actually more convenient than driving. If you are coming from Apgar visitor center in the west, you have to transfer at Avalanche creek; if you are coming from St. Mary visitor center in the east, you have to transfer at sun point. The section to Logan Pass is basically a winding road, so there are only minibuses to go up there, and when there are a lot of people transferring to other buses, you may have to wait until the next bus. If you are planning to stay in Logan Pass for a long time, you should pay attention to the transfer time.

Logan Pass Visitor Center

The parking lot of Logan Pass is right in front of the visitor center. I felt cold when I got down from the car because of the altitude. From the visitor center, you can go to the two most important trails in Logan Pass, the Hidden lake trail on the back side of the mountain, and the Highland trail on the other side, in fact, just from the parking lot, you can see a very spectacular view. In front of the Visitor Center, there is a flag of the United States and Canada, because Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada jointly established the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

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Going-to-the-sun road: America's most scenic driving route

As mentioned earlier, to get to Logan Pass you have to cross the Going-to-the-sun Road, a 50-mile long road that runs through the heart of Glacier National Park, and because of its ten-year construction project, it is one of the rare roads that has earned the distinction of being a National Historic Landmark, a National Historic Landmark, and a Historic Project Landmark. The road has been honored as a National Historic Site, a National Historic Landmark, and a Historical Landmark. Because of its spectacular scenery, this road has become an extremely popular tourist attraction, known as the most beautiful driving route in the United States, perhaps even more famous than Logan Pass. Whether driving or biking, if you come to Glacier National Park and haven't traveled the Going-to-the-sun road, it is probably a wasted visit.

Hitching a ride and enjoying the spectacular scenery along the way is an integral part of Logan Pass. After crossing Avalanche Creek to the east, you'll see valleys, waterfalls, creeks, glaciers, and other natural landscapes along the way.

Logan Pass Hiking Trail

Hidden lake trail

The entrance to the Hidden lake trail is not far from the back of the visitor center. If you go all the way to the Hidden lake overlook, it's 1.4 miles, or almost 3 miles back and forth. The trail starts through a grassland with wooden boardwalks, which is very easy to walk. When we came here, there were still some wildflowers blooming on the grassland, very beautiful. On the right side of the trail is Clements mountain, in front of it is Bearhat mountain, and on the left side is Raynolds mountain, all of which were eroded by glaciers and became pyramid shaped.

After the boardwalk it was uphill, most of the snow had melted by the time we arrived and it wasn't too difficult to walk, although we did see some snow along the way and small waterfalls formed by the melting snow. There was a lot of wildlife along the way, we saw antelope and bighorn sheep here.

After 1.5 miles you reach the Hidden lake overlook, this is a nice view of Hidden lake surrounded by Bearhat mountain. The trail actually goes further down to the lake, but it was closed when we arrived because the bears were fishing in the lake, so this was the end of the trail.

Highline trail

The Highland trail starts opposite the Logan Pass Visitor Center and is a very long trail. There are two recommended routes, one is to walk to Haystack butt and back, this route is flat, but it takes 10 miles round trip. The other route is to take the loop and take the shuttle back to Logan pass, which is longer and steeper. Most people head towards Granite park chalet, so you can decide when to turn back according to your own physical strength.

Highline trail to Haystack butt is roughly parallel to the going-to-the-sun road, the trail is along the cliffs of the mountain wall, the road is quite narrow, you need to hold on to the rope in some places to be safe, but the panoramic view from a higher place is more beautiful than driving. On the day we took the Highline trail, there was a lot of smoke from the wildfires, but you could still see the magnificence of the view.

The Highline trail is also home to many wild animals, and the animals here are not afraid of people, foraging directly along the trail.

If you're taking the Loop trail, you'll be coming off this exit, which is said to be so steep it hurts your knees, and ranger warned us that "it will kill you".

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