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Portland | Introduction

Portland is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, located at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, and is a beautiful riverside city. Portland has two nicknames, the first is the Rose City, because it is especially suitable for growing roses, and there are many rose gardens here; the second is the Tree City, which is due to the fact that Portland was developed too quickly at that time, and therefore there are many trees left over after the felling of the trees that were too late to be cleaned up spread around the surrounding area.

When you come to Portland, you'll find that it's not a city for sightseeing, but a city for living. Downtown Portland is filled with a variety of cultural, entertainment, and art venues and is one of the largest beer cities in the United States. Portland is also a great city for outdoor activities, with many parks and nature preserves, the average number of parks per Portlander is the highest in the United States, and it has even been voted the most baby-friendly city in the country. If you like to shop, Oregon is a popular destination for tourists because of its duty-free goods. You can visit Washington square, which is a big shopping center with many stores. In addition, Woodburn, the south side of Portland, is about 40 minutes away from the center of Portland, and has the largest Woodburn outlet in Portland.

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Portland | Attractions

Portland | Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is a major tourist attraction in the center of Portland, with a huge fountain in the center of the Grand Plaza, one of the city's most iconic attractions. The square is surrounded by many cafes, restaurants and stores, making it a great place to shop and dine. The buildings around the square are also worth seeing, including the fine architectural style of the Nott Dent and Pietsch buildings. During the summer months, a free concert series is held on the square's open-air stage.

Portland Downtown | Pioneer Place

Walking from Pioneer Square to the Waterfront on the river, you will pass through the shopping area of Pioneer Place, an indoor shopping center in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA, and one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city. Pioneer Place offers a wide range of fashion brands, high-end brands and local boutiques, as well as a variety of stores including fashion, jewelry, home furnishings, gifts, food and beverage, and more.

Portland, Portland 9

It's worth mentioning that Portland is Nike's home base, and the Nike store is located here. The store is full of souvenir items, so Nike fans must make a pilgrimage if they pass by.

Downtown Portland | Waterfront

The Waterfront, which refers to the downtown Willamette River area, is one of Portland's most popular tourist attractions, with beautiful riverside views and a 1.5-mile walking and biking trail that allows people to stroll or bike along the river. There are also many parks and open-air art exhibits along the trail.

Along the Waterfront are Tom McCall Park, the Oregon Maritime Museum, the Steel Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge, a wide-open park that offers beautiful views of the river and breathtaking views of the bridge and the city, and the Oregon Maritime Museum, a museum that showcases Oregon's maritime history with a collection of ship models and related historical artifacts. The Maritime Museum is a museum showcasing Oregon's maritime history with a large collection of ship models and related historical artifacts, and the Waterfront area has many dining and entertainment options, such as bars, restaurants and cafes. Visitors can enjoy local food and beer, performances by local artists, and the relaxed lifestyle of Portland.

Portland City | City Hall | Portlandia

Portland City Hall is a historic government building built in 1895. In front of the hall, in the center of the plaza, is Portland's iconic sculpture, Portlandia, a 12.8-meter-tall bronze sculpture of a woman considered to be the symbol of the city of Portland, holding a sword, symbolizing courage and strength, and wearing a crown inlaid with stars, symbolizing wisdom and leadership. The sculpture's shape is a blend of the artist's design and the city of Portland's character, and her eyes are said to be inspired by the city's iconic bank building.

Portland | The Grotto

The GrottoThe Grotto, also known as the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, is a Catholic pilgrimage site in northeastern Portland, Oregon, United States, built in 1924.The Grotto's architecture is neo-Gothic in style, and features a spectacular façade based on the story of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The gardens are considered one of the most beautiful in Portland, with the most popular attraction being the Marian Garden in the center of the gardens, where people pray and venerate the statue of the Virgin Mary. Surrounded by trees, the gardens are quiet and artistic, making them an ideal place for meditative contemplation, even for non-Catholics.

Portland | Restaurant Tips

Southpark Seafood

  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Price: $$$$

This Southpark seafood is located in the center of the city, it's a mid to high end seafood restaurant, the ingredients are still fresh, the cooking and seasoning are very good. I tried the signature salmon, which was quite tasty. For my main course, I ordered the waiter's recommended specialty, which consisted of white fish, clams, and a well seasoned red sauce, but it was not my favorite fish dish.


  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Price: $$$$

Cabezon is also a seafood restaurant located far from the city center. The overall performance of this restaurant is quite impressive, the appetizer ceviche is very fresh and delicious. The main course of sea bass and pork ribs didn't disappoint either, and I think this place is better than the lunch place. The real highlight was the dessert creme brulee, which was the best creme brulee I've ever had, even for someone who doesn't usually like desserts, and it's still one of the top 3 desserts in the US in my mind.

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