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Granville Island | Introduction

Granville Island (Granville island) is a peninsula, very close to Vancouver city center, accessible by both land and water. The most famous place on the island is the public market, there are a lot of good places to eat and shop in the market, it's an absolute must-see attraction in Vancouver in my opinion. I even came here twice during my week in Vancouver because I like the market so much.

Granville Island Transportation Routes

Land Transportation Route | Granville Bridge

If you happen to be located not so far from the Granville bridge, it is actually recommended to walk across the bridge. The advantage of crossing the bridge is that you can see Granville island, false creek, and the lovely six attacking giants of the Ocean Cement Factory from the high ground.

Granville island was a heavy industrial island in the early days, and only in the 1970s was it transformed into a leisure and tourist community, so there are still traces of heavy industry on the island. The Ocean Cement Factory is one of the most important parts, and in 2014, in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Biennale, the cement towers inside the factory were painted by Brazilian artists as the Attack of the Giants, making it the newest attraction on the island.

Water Transportation Route | False Creek Ferry

Another way to get to Grandville island is by water. This is a faster way to get to Grandville island. False creek bay itself is very beautiful, and if you take the waterway, it is also convenient to enjoy the scenery on the river. There are different fares depending on where you get on and off the boat, if you only take one stop, the one way price is $3.50 CAD. From Granville island, you can get on and off the boat at the small ferry dock, and when you are waiting for the boat, you can also look back to enjoy the Granville bridge, and the small ferry is not crowded on weekdays, so it's a great feeling to see the night view from the boat.

If you want to see the night view of the riverbank, you can take a ride to David Lam Dock Station, and on the way, you can see the night view of the whole riverbank construction.

Public Market

The highlight of your visit to Granville Island is the public market, which is a must-visit market in Vancouver. Here you can browse around the handicraft stores and have a bite to eat, and there are quite a number of interesting stalls and stores, which can take up a lot of time if you're not careful. The market is the building in front of the left side after getting off the boat from the pier. When the front lights are on at night, the whole granville island becomes very artistic.

Although most of the shops are full of fresh produce, there are also many deli and drink stores in the market where you can have the famous fish and chips for lunch. However, after a few visits, I found that my favorite place is the butcher shop in the corner. There is always a long line, but the sliced salami is super delicious. Although I couldn't buy a lot during my trip, I came here three times because it was really delicious, and every time the store was always ready to provide a variety of flavors to try, and patiently recommended choices that were more to my liking based on the results of the tasters.

Lee's donuts is a famous online store that sells cheap donuts with good flavor. There are many travelogues about it, but I came here during the off-season, so it was not crowded.

Granville island, Granville 32

If you're lucky, there are special exhibitions at the pier. One weekend I came to a boat show and there were all kinds of yachts parked along the pier and you could try them out for free.

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