Discovering Sapa's Heritage: A Visit to Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village | Introduction

Cat Cat Village is located at the bottom of Muong Hoa Valley, approximately 1.5 kilometers from Sapa town. Established in the mid-19th century, this village is home to the Black H'mong people and boasts beautiful scenery. In the early 20th century, the French discovered the village and developed it into a resort destination, which later became one of the most iconic ethnic cultural attractions in Sapa. Today, Cat Cat Village not only offers natural landscapes but also attracts visitors with its charming homestays, local handicrafts, and cultural performances. The village features a spectacular waterfall named CatScat, from which the village's name (Cat Cat) is derived.

Cat Cat Village Itinerary

Cat Cat Village | Transportation and Tickets

If you have arrived in Sapa, Cat Cat Village is within walking distance, requiring about half an hour on foot. It's all downhill from the center of Sapa town, and there are scenic views along the way. There are also numerous motorbike taxis soliciting business locally; the one-way fares we encountered mostly start at 50K, but you can bargain.

Entrance to Cat Cat Village requires a ticket, and the current price of admission is 70K Vietnamese Dong. You can purchase the ticket before entering the village.

Cat Cat Village | Sights

At the village entrance, there is a map outlining the main attractions for visitors to see. The main attractions are on the deep blue route, which leads down the old street after the ticket-checked gate, crosses a bridge, and circles around the valley. A leisurely visit takes about half a day; as you walk along, you can enjoy the architecture and scenery of the village, treating it like a visit to an art gallery. There are also plenty of shops to browse. (Reference route)

Cat cat village, Cat cat village 7

Upon purchasing a ticket and entering the old street, my first impression was that the entrance to Cat Cat Village felt very commercialized. In Cat Cat Village, you can see displays of local culture, with many small shops where villagers showcase and sell a variety of local handicrafts. Some tourists enjoy renting traditional costumes in Cat Cat Village to wear as a part of their cultural experience.

The village offers several scenic viewpoints with nice views, and there are photo platforms set up everywhere. Surrounded by mountains, from the village's viewing platforms, you can see the terraced fields and Fansipan.

The houses in Cat Cat Village have a unique architectural style, showcasing the culture and lifestyle of the Black H'mong people. Some houses are open for visitors to tour, and amidst the many commercial establishments, you can also see the everyday life of the villagers.

Cat cat village 貓貓村

Cat Cat Village also features homestay accommodations, and staying overnight at a local homestay is a popular option for travelers.

The Cat Cat Waterfall area is particularly beautiful, where we can see a huge water wheel, which is said to be used for grinding flour. Opposite is the Love Bridge, and the beautiful scenery here is the main reason why the French chose to develop this place into a resort destination.

In the center of the village, there are scheduled dance performances by the Black H'mong people. The performance area is just across the bridge. You can see the schedule and performance times when purchasing tickets; it is recommended to confirm the times when you buy your ticket to avoid missing it. The scheduled performance time is 40 minutes, but the actual duration is about 25 minutes.

After the performance, you can continue walking along the beautiful riverside, enjoying the stunning views of the valley, and finally exit via the Cat Cat Bridge.

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