Busan] New World Spa Land | Come and enjoy the best Korean Sweatshops in Busan!

Spa Land | Introduction

Come here.BusanMy Korean coworkers highly recommend this product.Spa landBefore leaving Busan, I took the time to try out the steam room in Busan. Sweatshops are a traditional Korean leisure activity that combines a public bath with a steam room. At first glance, it sounds similar to Taiwan's popular sauna, where Koreans like to relax and chat in sweatshops. This Spa Land in the New World Department Store was recommended by a colleague, and the equipment can be said to be six-star. The general steam curtains can be found everywhere in Korea, but the quality of space and service is not necessarily the same, Spa land's price is quite affordable, but the equipment inside is very impressive.  

Spa Land | Experience

From the moment I bought the ticket, I felt like I was at the front desk of a hotel. The ticket price is 17,000 won for a weekday visit. After paying, I went into the shower room to take a bath and change into a yukata.

The showers are separate for men and women, but the steam rooms that follow are gender-neutral, so family and friends can relax together in their favorite space. There are many different types of steam rooms, from clay to charcoal to gemstones...I can't remember what they are, but of course they all have different functions. The temperature inside is 40-80 degrees Celsius, allowing the body to sweat away fatigue. The temperature is indicated on the outside of each heat therapy room, so you can choose the temperature according to your needs and preferences. Inside the room, of course, there are many people lying down to rest.

The public space outside the steam room is also very luxurious. On the second floor, there is also a massage service and a restaurant that you can pay for separately. If you want to pay for the service, just use the chip that is given to you at the entrance, and you will be charged when you leave the room.

Find a good seat in the lounge area, sit down and enjoy the traditional egg and sweet rice stuffing as a snack.

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After resting, I went upstairs to have breakfast Korean seafood hot pot, which was included in the ticket price. Compared to those famous restaurants outside, the taste is of course more ordinary, close to the standard of the department store food court, but it is quite rich.

Spa Land, New World Spa Land 9

After relaxing for a few hours in Spaland, you can go shopping in the shopping district near the New World Department Store.

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