What to eat tonight? Time Traveler's Food Notes (Updated 2022/06)

Where to eat in Northern California?

Don't know where to find a new restaurant if you love to eat but are afraid of stepping on the line? After living in Northern California for a long time, I realized that there are so many restaurants in Northern California. Some of the restaurants I found are good, I plan those restaurants that I didn't have a chance to mention in other articles, but we have been there, tried it and think it's worth trying or recommending, I will gather them in this article for your reference, and I will update it regularly every month.

Sol Food

This Peruvian cuisine was created in the first year fromChina campOn the way back, we passed by San Rafel and ate there. There are three Sol Food stores, the other two are in Mill Valley and Petaluma, it was quite busy, we ordered two main dishes, Mofongo Relleno de Camarones (3, 5, 7 shrimps, I ordered 5) and Pollo Rostizado Combo (half chicken), with side dishes The garlic flavored Fried Plantain is actually a very large portion, so two people could barely finish it, but you can actually eat at least one and a half meals, which is very affordable for Bay Area people in terms of portion size and quality. In addition, I highly recommend his drink Mongo ice tea, even I don't like fruit juice or flavored tea, I think it's super tasty, fresh and not too sweet and greasy.

Takoyaki Yamachan

I actually eat here quite often, it's located in Mitsuwa in San Jose, and there's also one in Japantown in San Francisco. My favorites are the Regular takoyaki with 10 pieces of octopus and the Yakisoba with shrimp, which is actually not bad at all, but I like the yakisoba the best, as it's well seasoned and tasty!

Hook Fish Co At Proof Lab Beer Garden

  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Price: $$
  • Cuisine: American Seafood + Brewery
  • Location: Mill Valley
  • 餐廳網址: https://www.prooflab.com

This restaurant is fromSteep Ravine CampingWhen we came back, we went to eat in a very literati square. The restaurant was very busy at lunchtime, so while we were waiting, we took a stroll in the square next to the Equator coffee shop and a small flower market next to it.

After I finally got a table, I had to go to two different counters to order my food and drinks because of the way the bar operates. However, unlike the usual bar food, the famous food here is all seafood! We ordered poke + chips, crab cakes, 1/2 dozen oysters and other appetizers. Overall, they were all very good, but the most amazing was the oyster, it didn't have the usual oyster smell. For the main course, I ordered grilled fish of the day salad (black cod) and their famous fish and chips, the fishs and chips are made of rockfish, both of them are very tasty and very reasonable for the price.

The beer selection is quite varied, we ordered Black ale and a Konfucha, both of which were quite good. the Konfucha is alcoholic, but contains guava flavors, and tastes more like juice.

I'll add a photo of the Equator coffee I bought while waiting, the Cold brew was unexpectedly good.

Noelani's Island Grill

Noelani's has been my go-to Hawaiian restaurant all year, and the food is of a certain standard. Friday nights are much busier than regular nights with live music. Our favorites were the loco moco and guava skirt steak, accompanied by Mai Tai and Lava Flow, which made us feel like we were on vacation even though we weren't in Hawaii.


Palooza is insugarloaf ridge state park campingI found this restaurant near the park on a weekend night. This small pub has a casual atmosphere and is located in Kenwood, so it also has a wine bar, but we mainly wanted to try their own beer, so we ordered a tasting, including Belgian ale, pilsner, brown ale, and the ones we liked better were the pilsner and the brown ale. in fact, the original pizzas of the restaurant were quite famous, and it was a pity that they didn't make pizzas the day we came because there was not enough staff. Unfortunately, they were short of staff on the day of our visit, so they stopped making pizzas, which was a pity for the customers on the other side of the table. We didn't get the food we wanted the most, so we ordered fish and fries and classic burger, which were not too big, just a simple meal.

Tips Roadside

Tips Roadside is also insugarloaf ridge state parkThe neighborhood restaurant is a brunch restaurant. We came for lunch on Sunday, and there was a live music performance, and the band was the first time I've eaten in so many Northern Canadian restaurants that I thought the singing was great, and I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

First of all, we ordered beer tasting, including three kinds of beer, stout, red ale, blonde ale, blonde ale and red ale are good. As for the meal, although the food is Southern food, it is not really Southern, but rather light. We ordered shrimp and grits + 2 fried egg, there are 6 prawns, I like the light grits, the special of the day is chicken beignet, there are fried chicken and beignet, his beignet tastes like fried doughnut, the texture is similar to puffs, although it's not a traditional beignet, but it's actually very delicious. Although it's not a traditional beignet, it's actually very tasty. They also have polenta fries, which is also recommended by many people.

La Perla Del Pacifico

La Perla Del Pacifico is located in Watsonville, a small town with a lot of Mexican people, an hour's drive south from San Jose. In fact, I came here because I went to Sunset beach to play on the way back to pass by, casually found this Mexican seafood restaurant, did not expect to eat a surprise, in the Bay Area has not really eaten such authentic Mexican seafood.

The menu was very extensive, we ordered Shrimp ceviche, Octopus tostada, Shrimp Taco, Fish Taco, Mixed Seafood Soup for the first time, we didn't know what to choose so we went for Shrimp ceviche, Octopus tostada, Shrimp Taco, Fish Taco, Mixed Seafood Soup, and then we were served with some nachos and salsa, which I have always been a fan of since the beginning of the salsa. The appetizer Shrimp ceviche was huge and served in a big boat shaped plate, the shrimp was very fresh, the Octopus tostada was actually our first time to try, it was an octopus cold cut served on a crispy tortilla with lots of lettuce and condiments, very fresh and refreshing, and the grilled fish and shrimp in the Taco was also very fresh. Finally, the Mixed seafood soup has all kinds of seafood: octopus, fish, two kinds of shrimps, crabs, shellfish... The ingredients are so rich and delicious that it can be compared to the famous Mexican seafood restaurants in San Diego.

Finally, we ordered a $3.50 orange juice for our thirst, which was freshly squeezed on the spot in a large glass. After eating so much, we ended up with 65 RMB excluding tips, which is a very good deal for a seafood restaurant in the Bay Area neighborhood.

Hula Hoops

  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Price: $$
  • Cuisine: Hawaiian
  • Location: South San Francisco
  • 餐廳網址: https://hulahoopssf.com

Hula Hoops is a Hawaiian/Filipino fusion tiki bar with a small storefront and a large clientele, so it was a rare occasion that we had to wait for 40 minutes at 2-3pm to get in. We ordered two drinks, their signature Zombie and Ube Pina Colada, the Zombie is a stronger drink and the Rum is mixed with citrus flavors, which is good for those who like strong drinks. As for the Ube Pina Colada, ube is actually one of the specialties of this restaurant, many people come here for the ube series of desserts, so when we saw that there was an ube cocktail, we tried it. The taste was actually very smooth, not as sweet as I imagined, and the flavor of the wine was light and very tasty.

Our appetizer is spicy spam rice bites, in fact, I usually do not like to eat lunch meat, but this dish of lunch meat is fried, topped with small rice balls, accidentally quite like and very special. Main course ordered Combo Loco Moco, selected beef and fried chicken, this dish can also be slightly different from the general taste of Hawaiian restaurants, beef than usually eat Loco moco thicker, the sauce is very fragrant but less salty, including potato salad in the overall lighter, but still very tasty. The other main course was the BBQ pork silog, which belongs to the Filipino cuisine. The BBQ pork silog is a Filipino dish. The grilled pork chop was very flavorful, and the pickled carrots were a great appetizer, which made it my favorite entree.

Yilan Bistro

Yilan Bistro is a Taiwanese-style bento store in San Francisco that sells not only bento but also drinks, chicken cutlets, braised pork rice and other Taiwanese snacks. Having lived in LA for a few years, I always miss the authentic Taiwanese flavors that are everywhere in LA, but the lunches here are still authentic and delicious. If you live in San Francisco and want to eat Taiwanese food, this is the place to try.

Koi Palace

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $$
Cuisine: Hong Kong Style Tea
Location: Daly City
餐廳網址: https://koipalace.com

Ever since we moved to the Bay Area, finding a good Hong Kong restaurant has been our primary goal. After trying a few restaurants, Lei Yue Mun is the best Hong Kong restaurant in San Francisco. Although the price is a bit higher than others, the quality is good and the food is very comprehensive, and anything with shrimp inside is our favorite. Our favorite is Daly City, but they have branches in Milpitas and Dublin.

Pancake Boy

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $$
Cuisine: American Brunch
Location: San Francisco
餐廳網址: https://pancakeboysf.com

Pancake Boy is one of San Francisco's best brunch spots. The restaurant has actually changed hands/names a few times, but the food and ambiance have always maintained a certain level of quality that has kept it at the top of the San Francisco brunch scene. It's a bit of a shame that the famous Hash brown side dish seems to have disappeared after the most recent change of ownership, but I still give the restaurant a good overall rating.

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