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Zion National Park | Introduction

Zion National Park (Zion National Park) is one of the oldest and most popular national parks in the U.S. Located in the southern part of the state of Utah, Zion Canyon is a narrow, 1,000-foot-deep canyon known for its distinctive red-rock canyons, cliffs, and breathtaking natural landscapes. FromLas VegasIt took about three and a half hours to drive.

Driving into Zion National Park on the way to see layers of canyon scenery, this area of national parks is particularly large, in addition to Zion National Park.Grand Canyon National Park and Bryce Canyon National ParkThey are also all in the vicinity, making them ideal for arranging multi-day self-drive trips.

Zion National Park | Getting Around

Zion National Park, like other nearby national parks, is very popular during the summer months when there are a lot of tourists and traffic is controlled. Transportation within the park is mainly by taking the Zion Canyon Shuttle, which has about 8 or 9 stops in the park and takes about 80 minutes for a round trip. There is an introduction on the bus about the attractions at each stop, and there are trails at each stop to explore the area, and the shuttle runs every 15 minutes from 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the summer.

Because of the popularity of the shuttle buses, it is best to stay in the park to save transportation time, or stay in the nearby Sprindale township outside the park, from Springdale township you can also take the Springdale shuttle to the visitor center to transfer to the Zion canyon shuttle.

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It is recommended to take the shuttle bus to Temple of Sinawava first in the morning, and then go back after you have finished The Narrows, so that you can get down and walk around at each stop. The shuttle bus will take you directly to Temple of Sinawava station, where you can view the entire upper half of the Zion canyon scenic drive. These canyon walls made up of red and yellow-brown Navajo Sandstone are the special scenery of Zion canyon.

Must-see Trails | The Narrows

The most popular trail, The Narrows, is a river walk through Zion Canyon. after getting off at Temple of Sinawava, visitors can explore the river via the Riverside Walk, which follows the river all the way and is an easy trail for young and old alike.

At the end of the trail, we reached the river, where everyone was ready to experience the famous "the narrows". four of us didn't bring any shoes with us, but we were still tempted by the nature and stepped on the narrows with our bare feet. In the summer, the narrows take several hours to reach, so we walked for two hours. We went barefoot and it hurt a lot. Although the other tourists were giving us admiring looks, we suggest you to buy good shoes before coming here. Cheap shoes are only about 10 bucks each (refer toAmazon Links).

Along the way, you can see the whole famous weeping rock weeping rock landscape, because the water keeps flowing down, it looks like the rock is crying.

While hiking, you can also observe Navajo Sandstone from a closer distance. You can feel the magnificence of the canyon more when you walk in the river.

The further you go in, the narrower the cliffs on both sides become, and at the end of the walk the narrows can only be passed by one person.

Must See | Angels Landing | Big Bend

Big Bend is the most important stop besides The Narrows, the trail can go all the way to Angels Landing, and if you are brave enough, you can climb the Angels landing trail all the way to the top of angels landing, but this is a very challenging trail, you need to pull the rope and risk your life to pass. It takes five hours to pass through. Due to time constraints, we chose to take the short section in front of Big Bend, until we could see the angel's landing.

If you are fit enough to do the long trail, you can also walk to the west rim trail from here, which goes all the way from big bend through the grotto to Emerald pools, and then pick up the Emerald pool trail and walk back to the Zion lodge.

It was already dusk when we came here, and the light made Big Bend look especially beautiful. The top of the mountain was a golden color when you looked at it closely, which made it look like angels had descended from the earth.

Another advantage of coming on the trail at dusk is that the animals are out feeding at this time, and we were lucky enough to see a herd of deer out for dinner at the entrance.

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