Central California Attractions | Santa Cruz | The oldest roller coaster in the United States, do you dare to ride it?

Santa Cruz | Introduction

Located in central California, about 115 miles south of San Francisco, Santa Cruz is a famous surfing resort and a beautiful beach town. Located less than an hour's drive from Silicon Valley, it offers a pleasant climate, wide beaches, blue skies, meandering waterfront trails, plenty of amusement attractions, old buildings and interesting stores. In addition to the beach and the pier, Santa Cruz actually has many beautiful houses and small roadside stores to shop, the whole city's overall atmosphere is very relaxed, is one of the popular destinations for small trips in the Bay Area, suitable for family weekend vacations.

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Downtown Attractions | Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz BoardwalkEstablished in 1907, this is the oldest amusement park in California. There are many exciting and fun amusement facilities in the park, quite suitable for family travel, such as roller coasters, carousel, bumper cars and so on. The roller coaster here is the oldest roller coaster still in operation in the United States. Although this amusement park has become a historical attraction, it has been voted as the best seaside amusement park several times in recent years. There is no admission fee, so you can just buy a ticket for whatever you want to do.

Since we came early, we walked along the Boardwalk first, and could walk all the way to Santa Cruz Wharf. The sea was calm and the weather was cloudless, so we looked back at the beach and enjoyed the rare uninhabited sea view.

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However, don't think it's quiet here even if there are no people on the pier in the morning. In fact, the sea lions are barking all the time. There are many sea lions here in Santa Cruz. Sea lions like to sleep on top of each other, no matter where they are, even when they are floating on the sea, they can sleep on top of each other, and they will scream if they are pressed by other people while they are sleeping.

Other Santa Cruz Suburban Attractions

In addition to the attractions in downtown Santa Cruz, there are many other places to visit near Santa Cruz. First of allMonterey PeninsulaThe beautiful beaches and natural landscapes make it a great place for vacations and relaxation. Next is Henry Cowell and others.Redwood ForestThe Redwood Forest here is one of the oldest forests in the U.S., with many tall redwood trees and natural landscapes for hiking, camping and more. There are also many beaches along the coast, such asSunset State Beach andNew Brighton BeachIt's a great place to barbecue, camp and play in the water.

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