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Fredericksburg Fredericksburg Introduction

Fredericksburg Fredericksburg is a quaint little town in Texas with a German flavor. If you are traveling fromAustinIt is a short drive to the west in 1.5 hours. The town was founded in 1846 by 120 immigrants from Germany. During the Civil War, the town's residents went against the grain of the neighboring southern cities, insisting on staying out of the war and entering a state of seclusion. For a long time, the town maintained its own culture and appearance, virtually unaffected by the outside world. Today, more than two hundred years later, the town has developed into a scenic spot with a strong sense of antiquity.

Incidentally, this area is actually the wine country of Texas. If you have more time, you can arrange a weekend trip to nearby wineries or Enchanted Rock. the official websiteArranging a trip to a location that was introduced to us. We had to do this because we were traveling fromAustinStopped here on the way to Big Bend National Park, and this time it was only a half-day stop.

Visitor Center

There is a visitor center in Fredericksburg, which is a good place to park your car and get a map of the town. Inside the visitor center there is a 10-minute video introducing the history of the town, so you can quickly absorb the background knowledge. Fredericksburg is named after Prince Fredericks of Prussia, so you can see that the local people have their hearts set on their hometown. The townspeople are also quite individualistic, from the very beginning most of them insisted on speaking only German, and even developed their own German dialect, which was later called Texan German, but nowadays, although the street names and restaurant menus are still in German, the town is no longer closed, and of course all the residents can speak English as well.

National Museum of the Pacific War

The National War Museum of the Pacific is the most famous museum in the area, honoring the Pacific War of World War II. The reason why the Pacific War Museum is located here is because it is the hometown of the late Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, who was the U.S. General in the Pacific Theater of World War II, which means he accepted the surrender of the Japanese army on behalf of the U.S., and he is of course considered a big figure here. In fact, even the USS Nimitz is named after him.

Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg 3

Historic District

Fredericksburg is not a big place, the main sightseeing is in the Main street on the Historic District, including eight blocks, eating and shopping are here, slowly stroll can be strolling for half a day. As mentioned earlier, during the Civil War, the residents of this side of the town firmly refused to participate in the war, and the whole town was closed up, so the old-fashioned style is still preserved. The streetscape looks like a German town in the last century.

There are also some interesting stores on the street, like this one that sells art slogans.

Pioneer Memorial Library

The Pioneer Memorial Library is the most beautiful building in town, built in 1881. Originally built as a courthouse, it was converted to a library in 1967. The library is open Monday through Friday until 4:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm

This quaint-looking place, home to former U.S. President Johnson's parents, maintains its World War I-era appearance.


The large park in the center is also the site of the weekday farmers' market. Behind the park there is an antique waterwheel and a sculpture commemorating the history of opening up the land.

It was Christmas Eve when we came here, and the sign above the park entrance was changed from Farmer's Market to Nights of Fredericksburg lights. as you know, Germans love Christmas, and the German Christmas decorations here are quite traditional. Besides the usual huge Christmas tree, there is also a German Christmas tower. This Christmas tower rotates, and each floor tells a Bible story, which is a great way to educate children during the holiday season.

Food Record: Fredericksburg Brewery

  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Price: $$

Since we are in a small town in Germany, we must try the German restaurants here. We had a lunch at Fredericksburg Brewery, we ordered German pork schnitzel and sausage platter for our main course, which was actually quite delicious, but not quite the same as the authentic German flavor, I can't say it's authentic, it should be Texan German. Their beer was also German style, we ordered Helles and Red ale, both of which were good, but I preferred the Red ale.

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