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Come here.ChengduNaturally, you can't go wrong with Chengdu, Sichuan Province. We all know that Sichuan cuisine is spicy, but we may not know that Chengdu is also a United Nations-certified food capital. Chengdu is easy to get around and there are plenty of places to eat near the attractions, so it's basically the right place to eat while you play.

Chengdu | Kuan Narrow Alley | Leung Kee Fatty Intestine Noodles

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Leung Kee Fatty Intestine Vermicelli is located at the entrance of the Broad and Narrow Alley. I am usually afraid that it is a thunder store, but I went in after seeing the good online reviews and many people. This place sells Chengdu food and snacks, and I ordered Juntun Pot Kui, Fatty Intestine Noodle, and Red Oil Scissors.

The pot kui is basically a lasagna, and is a traditional Chengdu snack. Traditionally, Juntun potkui is made with a crust of star anise, fennel, cannabis, peppercorns, ginger and other spices, and then fried and baked to crispness. Nowadays, there are many different flavors, such as fresh meat, salt and pepper, etc. The more traditional one is called Juntun pot kuih. It is said that the name "Juntun" came from the fact that Jiang Wei led his army to Chengdu during the Three Kingdoms period to recuperate and cultivate the city, and the pot kuih was derived from the dry food of the army at that time, hence the name "Juntun".

Fatty Intestine Vermicelli is the fast food of Chengdu people, and it is quite unique. The noodles are made from red potato flour, with fat intestines, vegetable oil, dried red chili and peppercorns, making them spicy and flavorful.

I don't think I need to explain the red oil copyist. They are not hard to find in Chinese restaurants all over the world, but in Chengdu they are definitely spicy and full of hot oil, but very satisfying for those who can handle it.

Chengdu Food | Jinli | Chengdu Food Street

Part of Jinli is a snack street, just like the night market in Taiwan, with many snack stalls. When you come to this kind of place, of course, you have to eat all the snacks.

type of bean curd

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The first thing I tried was the bean curd. Be careful when you come to Sichuan, all the snacks are spicy. This bean curd is a salty hot bean curd with spicy oil on top. I thought it was quite tasty, but I couldn't stand the spiciness even after eating the whole bowl.

Chengdu Food, Chengdu Snacks 5

Chicken in a bowlIt is also a famous snack in Sichuan. Originally, it was made of boneless sliced chicken or other ingredients in a clay pot with spicy ingredients and a variety of seasonings, and then dipped into the spicy ingredients after it cooled down. The ones you buy at the snack stalls are not as elaborate, and are sold one by one outside, so naturally, you can't take them with you in the earthenware pots. It's very refreshing to eat it as a snack when it's cold.

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Chengdu Cuisine,Chengdu Snacks 6

Spicy Rabbit Head

Before I left, I brought some spicy rabbit head as a takeaway, but I won't put it in the photo because it's a takeaway. This is one of Chengdu's famous snacks, which is made by putting rabbit head in a pot similar to a spicy hot pot. The most famous one in Chengdu is called "Shuangliu Old Mother Rabbit Head", which has many branches.  

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Dragon Scribe

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After a few days in the city, I have tried many other snacks in other parts of the city. The Dragon Dumplings is one of my favorites. I liked the tenderness of the wonton. I also ordered a bowl of Szechuan beef noodle, which was really spicy and very flavorful.

Chengdu Cuisine | Chengdu Hot Pot

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Chengdu hot pot, this is one night randomly find, see this table surging very but in fact only three people eat. Sichuan is the source of spicy pot, the pot base emphasizes the aroma of chili peppers and the numbness of peppercorns, but also smooth. The maw is a particularly popular single-order hot pot ingredient. Sichuan's tripe hot pot is a classic, and other beef and vegetable dishes are also very good.

Chengdu | Zhangfei Beef

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Zhangfei Beef is another famous Sichuan specialty that can be found all over the streets. Zhang Fei Beef is braised beef that has been marinated with spices and cooked. It is called Zhang Fei Beef because it looks like Zhang Fei on the outside, black and red on the inside, and because Zhang Fei, who was a butcher, taught his chef how to make it. Either way, this is a popular dish to order with a drink or with other dishes. Since we were having lunch on this day, we simply ordered the beef noodle. The beef was really good, but the noodles were rather plain.

Chengdu Food, Chengdu Snacks 14

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