My Experience at Grand Fiesta Americana, Cancun: A Detailed Review

Grand Fiesta Americana

Before the Thanksgiving holiday rush, we arrived at Mexico's popular tourist destination Cancun. For this trip, our accommodation was the carefully selected Grand Fiesta Americana.

Grand fiesta Americana Cancun

Recommended Accommodation: Grand Fiesta Americana

Room Environment

Because our red-eye flight arrived quite early and the nearby stores and sightseeing spots were not yet open, the hotel allowed us to check in at 8am and upgraded our room to a large suite, which was a perk of staying here. It was a great experience right from the start. Lying in the hotel room with a beautiful view of the sunny beach of the Caribbean Sea, our fatigue was instantly wiped away.

Public Facilities | Beach

Although it was a popular Thanksgiving holiday, the crowds were within acceptable limits, and the staff kept coming over to tidy up and ask if they needed additional drinks and food while lounging on the beach. I loved the cleanliness of the beach and the service, so I had a great time swimming and snorkeling at the hotel for a few days. The Women's Island tour, which is almost a must in Cancun, departs from the hotel's pier on the beach.

If you don't like to swim in the sea, the hotel pool is also very big, and visitors with small children love it here.

The Food

In the hotel zone of Cancun, many hotels, including the one we stayed at, Grand Fiesta Americana, offer an all-inclusive option. This simply means unlimited access to food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages, included in the room rate, which is a very popular booking option (as it eliminates the need to worry about what to eat). Personally, I didn't opt for the all-inclusive package during this stay as I didn't want to overeat or am not particularly fond of hard liquor. However, I did try most of the restaurants in the hotel, enjoying both breakfast and dinner there.

On the first morning, we had a buffet breakfast with a wide variety of options. In addition to Mexican cuisine, there were also American and Japanese dishes available. We primarily focused on trying Mexican dishes, starting with classics like beef, chicken, fish, and various types of Mexican dumplings, sampling a bit of everything.

In the following days, we also had breakfast à la carte several times. Traditional breakfasts on the Yucatán Peninsula mostly involve eggs with various sauces. I tried different flavors, with accompaniments like Mexican bread and cheese, sometimes with beans. The sauces had various tastes, but they were not spicy, rather on the sweeter side. Of course, there were also American-style breakfast options. Overall, the breakfasts were quite good.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy cocktails at a beachside restaurant with a great view. This restaurant offers fantastic scenery, and we used the dinner vouchers provided with our accommodation here. If you have purchased an all-inclusive package, all the food ordered on the beach is prepared by this restaurant. We also ordered food from here while playing on the beach. The menu for beachside orders is somewhat limited, but we had sandwiches and chicken wings with cocktails. While the à la carte prices are not cheap, I found the taste to be quite good, and the beachside setting adds to the vacation atmosphere.

My Review

When planning a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, most people choose a fixed accommodation and then book day trips or half-day trips to the attractions they are interested in, and we were no exception. One distinctive feature of this itinerary is that, apart from the main destinations, most activities include at least an hour of additional physical activity, and travel times can be quite long. Therefore, it's ideal to alternate between a day of activities and a day of rest, meaning you'll spend a significant amount of time at the hotel during the entire trip. We participated in three excursions this time, plus a day in Cancun, which allowed us three full days to rest at the hotel. So, choosing the right hotel according to your preferences is crucial.

During our stay at the Grand Fiesta Americana, the overall environment of the hotel was quite ideal and conveniently located. It's almost a must to visit Isla Mujeres when in Cancun, and the departure point for this trip is conveniently located at the hotel's beachside pier. I particularly enjoyed the well-maintained clean beach and the excellent service. If you're keen on trying a variety of dishes and the famous Mexican Tequila, I think the culinary standard of this hotel is quite impressive. For those who prefer an all-inclusive, eat-as-much-as-you-like service, Grand Fiesta Americana would also be a great choice.

Recommended Accommodation: Grand Fiesta Americana

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