2020/03 New Orleans 3 Days (New Orleans)

New Orleans 3-Day Tour Itinerary

This time, I arranged a 3 days trip to New Orleans. I took the night flight to New Orleans, and the morning flight back on the 4th day. The 3 days itinerary is summarized as below:

1Arrive in New Orleans early in the morning, first to theCafe BeignetBreakfast, then a stroll.FranceI spent most of the day at the museum and went to the Preservation Halls in the evening.
2morningMardi Gras worldThe afternoon's main trip is on theGardenI'm going to go shopping in theJoey KDinner, 8:00 p.m. in the French Quarter.Ghost Story Itinerary.
3Daytime Full DayMarsh and Plantation Itinerary, listened to Preservation halls again in the evening.
New Orleans 3 Days

Accommodation and Transportation

The New Orleans itinerary had to be organized in three days, and the most important thing was to stay in a hotel near the bustling French Quarter. The hotel we stayed in this time isAloft New Orleans DowntownThe French Quarter is only two blocks away from the center of the busy French Quarter, making it a very convenient location without being too noisy. Because of its convenient location, it is easy to arrange transportation, and you can just walk around the French Quarter.

Transportation from the French Quarter to the Garden District can be done by streetcar, which is $1.25 one way, and if you don't have to go somewhere to pay the one-way fare it should be the cheapest and easiest option.

There is a shuttle bus to Mardi Gras world, you can get there first. the official websiteIf you want to take advantage of the free shuttle buses, you need to reserve more time.

Plantation trip we are to participate in the local tour group trip, basically the tour group are attached to the hotel pick-up and drop-off, not a lot of people, compared to their own special rental car to go and then pay the price of the tickets in fact, not too much difference.

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