South Florida - Miami 10 Days Self-Drive Itinerary: Key West, Turtle National Park, Everglades National Park, Miami

South Florida-Miami 10-Day Self-Drive Tour Itinerary

This South Florida and Miami driving trip was scheduled for a total of ten days, the main itinerary was arranged in the Florida Island chain including Key West and Miami area, outside of the city, a total of three national parks Everglades national park (Everglades national park), Biscayne national park, Turtle national park (Dry Tortuges national park) and Bahia Honda state park on the island chain, as well as some other interesting places. park, Biscayne national park, Dry Tortuges national park, and Bahia Honda state park on the island chain, as well as a few other interesting places. The itinerary is organized below:

1Arrive at Miami Airport in the afternoon, pick up your car downtown and have lunch, then drive all the way directly toKey westThe inn at key west
2Driving TourMiddle keys and upper keys include Bahia Honda state park.In addition, you can snorkel at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.Key west bayside inn
3Take the morning Seaplane toTurtle National Park Day TripAfter that, we'll drive to the Florida city lodging.Fairway Inn @ Florida City
4Everglades National ParkSouth: Ernest Coe, Royal palm, Flamingo, etc.Fairway Inn @ Florida City
5Coral castle, Homestead, Miami beachFairway Inn @ Florida City
6Biscayne National Parkkayaking tripFairway Inn @ Florida City
7Everglades National ParkNorth: Shark valley, Big Cypress, Gulf coastComfort Inn and executive suites @ Naples
8Vizcaya museum, Bayfront park, Miami downtownShalimar Motel
9Miami South Beach and Surrounding Business DistrictsComfort Suites Miami Airport
10Spend the morning in Miami and leave by plane in the afternoon.

The first three days were generally spent in Key west and the island chain, and the second week surrounded the greater Miami area. Miami has a lot to offer, and two of the days were spent visitingEverglades National ParkOne day.Biscayne National ParkI went to Coral castle and Homestead on one day, and spent the rest of the three days in some of the more popular areas of Miami. Although this itinerary is quite a bit of driving time, in fact, the trip will not be very rushed, the itinerary looks a bit jumpy because the Everglades is very large, several areas between the road is not connected, want to go to all of them must be divided into two days, we are based on the distribution of the route of the relationship between the itinerary.

Location of accommodation and transportation

This time, I was on the budget route, I was out most of the time, so I picked cheap hotels that were clean and easy to get to. According to the location, we stayed in Key west, Florida City, Naples, and Miami, so I know the relative location of these places by looking at the map.

We stayed in Key west for the first two days, but because it was Christmas vacation and we decided to come to Florida very late in the year, it was very hard to book a hotel in Key west, so we stayed at different hotels for the two days, but the locations were actually very convenient.

The next four days, because of the Everglades and Biscayne and Miami, so is staying in Florida city, this location is just in the traffic on the road, Highway 1 and go to the Everglades south of the junction of the 994 highway, so for the self-driving and want to run a few more different areas of the traffic is more convenient, in fact, the accommodation is cheaper than in Miami. If you live in Miami and then drive down, you will be more congested. I only stayed in Miami for one day during the whole trip.

We went to the northern Everglades that night was staying in Naples, which is in Florida's west side of town, we originally wanted to drive through the northern part of the fear of driving too tired, so we decided to stop for a night on the west side of the beach, went to find this place we quite like, the atmosphere and the east side of Miami compared to a more relaxed.

Of course, most of the driving is by car, and we rented a car from a car rental agency outside the airport, which is much cheaper than renting a car inside the airport.

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